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Nice surprise on Monday evening, when I saw a certain Lego Worlds on the Steam platform. The eternal child that I am immediately remembered his early years and dropped, after half a second of not very intense reflection, the 15 € requested to recover the famous title in Early Access. After a few hours of games, it's time for me to come back to this monkey game Minecraft on many points, but who does that very effectively, with the paw LEGO which is going well.

We will quickly go to the very basic main menu, which just allows you to choose the world you want to explore. No personalized generation here, we only have a small button that allows you to create a new world and have a preview of the map. The map being quite extensive, we can choose where on the globe to appear. The arrival in a world is moreover rather classy, ​​since our avatar is released in free fall and will be able to choose where to land, if he manages to tame his fall, which is not easy at the beginning! After a rather funny crash, our little character gets up and can start exploring the world, only solo for now.

The movements are quite natural, our character is rather agile and manages to climb buildings like an Ezio Auditore. We also find the known mechanics of LEGO games: destroying environments to collect coins allowing the purchase of new constructions or clothes / hairstyles / beards and other more or less crazy accessories for the little guy (or the little lady) .

Then comes the essential part of the game, the construction. As was the case for Minecraft in its early days, only a creative mode is currently available, other modes will arrive soon, starting with a multiplayer mode which should increase the interest of the title! The construction mode is already terribly complete, our character flies away and takes out a kind of brick generator gun that allows the installation of a colossal number of elements. Simple, long brick, pillar, window, roof, floor ... everything is there, with the additional possibility of choosing the color of each brick. It's really great, we find what makes the strength of LEGO bricks, and we let speak his creativity (and his talent, which unfortunately I do not have) to build more or less colossal buildings. However, it will take a little time to adapt to master the tool and have a keyboard / mouse combo to fully appreciate the experience, the construction mode is still not very intuitive to the joystick.

Apart from the construction, the game is quite limited in the state, we can have fun riding a horse and explore the world around us a little, or interact with some elements of the decor, but nothing more for the moment. In terms of technique, the game is already quite well optimized and displays very nice things. The light and shadow effects are well done, the LEGO bricks superbly modeled and colored, and we will have a lot of fun admiring the result of our hard work.

LEGO Worlds is promising, no doubt about it, it already allows to make magnificent constructions, but remains quite limited apart from the creative aspect. The arrival of multiplayer should already give a good boost to the title, players will be able to come together and give life to gigantic cities and other follies. For now, some will certainly prefer to wait and wait to see what Warner plans to do with its title. The official release being scheduled for 2016, we have time to see a lot of features coming: 1st person view, vehicle customization, survival mode, possibility of creating constructions on the water, etc ... the possibilities are rich ( not to say infinite, after all, it's LEGO) and this title needs to be watched very closely, as it promises to be a strong contender for the title of best building game of the decade!

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