Far Cry 5 - Lighters Guide (Eternal Flame Mission)

Lighters are items requested by Wendell, there are 12 of them spread across the three regions.



Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm (John)

From the farmyard, cut to the right in front of the dog cage to the back, behind the wooden barriers. You will see a bunker hatch behind:

Inside you will find a lighter and a magazine.


Miller's House (John)

North of Orville Creek, a bunker is hidden in the garden of the Miller's House, next to the garden hut.


The lighter is inside, as well as a magazine.


Fillmore House (John)

East of Fall's End, before Dead Man's River, stop at the Fillmore's house which hides a bunker in its garden shed.

Inside you will find a lighter, as well as a magazine.


Harris House (John)

At the top of its dirt road, the Maison des Harris hides a bunker in its garden hut.


Inside you will find a magazine and a lighter.


McCLean House (Faith)

To the far west of the area, in the large red house with a green roof, a bunker is hidden on the right, under the trees. Inside is a magazine and a lighter.


House of Abercrombie (Faith)

This house is to the east of the prison, but it is not the building itself that interests us, but a bunker whose entrance is hidden in the wood store at the back. Once inside, you will easily find the lighter, as well as a magazine.


McCoy's Cabin (Faith)

Right next to the Taxidermy of Pêpêche, the chalet contains a hidden bunker. It sits behind a green tarp, on my right below.


More exactly there:

The lighter is on a shelf inside.


Advisor's Cabin (Faith)

Below the chalets is the advisor's chalet, with his personal bunker at the back of his house.


The lighter is on a shelf inside.


Whitetail Park Visitor Center (Jacob)

To the west of Jacob's region (Whitetail Mountains), you will undoubtedly find a lighter during one of your main missions because the center must be freed for one of them.

The lighter can be found in the information center which is on the first level of the center, just to the right of the entrance on a shelf.


There is also a figurine in the souvenir shop above!



Rattlesnake Trail Bridge (Jacob)

You will find the lighter in a bunker, on the edge of the cliff, above on Cedar Lake. You can easily identify it with the tree house.


The lighter is on a shelf inside. There is a magazine on a bed as well.


Clagett Bay (Jacob)

The lighter is in a bunker, between Clagett Bay and Langford Lake, to the west of the area.

Once inside, go to the back, you will find the lighter on a shelf. There is also a magazine a little further.


Elliot (Jacob) Houses

This lighter is located in the “Tough guys” cache in the Elliot's House south of the Fang Center.

The objective is to find the bunker. To do this, climb into the house on the other side, where it says "Resist Jacob" in blue on the facade (approach the roof for the "Climb" interaction).

Enter through the window, go to the toilet, exit and go on the roof to reenter the house through the other window.

The key is at the back, next to a dead guy.

Get out to look for the little house with the flag, the bunker is inside. Destroy the padlock with a rifle fire, then unlock the door inside with the key recovered. The lighter is on the table with all the other objects.



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