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Modeled on the Survivalist Caches in John's Region and Faith's Region, here is the guide for Jacob's Region. You will get the locations of survivalist caches by talking to friendly NPCs in the area. Once there, you will find a letter with useful information on how to get out of it, so take the time to read before rushing into any traps. Inside, you will find a magazine (to get talent spoints), money and lots of equipment (weapons, ammunition, components ...).

Thanks to a code offered by KinguinHere is the guide to survivalist caches in Jacob's area, Whitetail Mountains.


The pavement

This cache can be found at the Tanami's house, on an island in the far south of the region, bordering Faith's region.


Enter the wreckage by diving through the window into the rusty barge. Continue straight uphill to remember to take your breath at regular intervals. I recommend spending the “Human Fish” talent point in order to swim faster and hold your breath long enough.

Once inside, activate the mechanism, you can then enter the cave behind the bank. The cache is located straight inside.



The start of this cache is on a bridge, the Rattlesnake Trail Bridge, just north of Cedar Lake.


To get it, you have to climb to the top of the mountain, the easiest way is to take a helicopter even if you can otherwise use a grappling hook. Be prepared for a little resistance up there, there are 5-6 bad guys (hence the point of taking the helicopter to clean up). To unlock the safe from the cache, you need a key, which is on a crate a few tens of meters away from the cliff.



The Sasquatch

The hideout begins at Dansky's Chalet, in front of the locked door, where a note indicates to go north.

Go up the path, or with your helicopter, to the broken bridge above to read the note.

You will have to climb again, following the traces of blood, on the other hand it becomes quite complex and will require you to use the grapple several times. The body of the poor guy who owned the cache is there, and the key. Collect it to return to open the cache.


An inconvenient guest

Go to the far west of the area, beyond Langford Lake, to read the note about the hut that holds the cache.


Frank, who has the key, died at the entrance to the cave. Take the key, then open the cover!


Rites of recovery

This cache can be found in a chest on a small island in Silver Lake, the key of which is missing.

You have to find the key at the bottom of the water, and for that to follow the red buoys. The first will take you to a rope to follow to the bottom of the lake. Then greenish lanterns indicate the way to the key near the wreckage of an airplane.


The tough guys

This cache begins at the Elliot's House south of the Fang Center.

The objective is to find the bunker. To do so, climb into the house on the other side, where it is indicated "Resist Jacob" in blue on the facade (approach the roof for the "Climb" interaction).

Enter through the window, go to the toilet, exit and go on the roof to reenter the house through the other window.

The key is at the back, next to a dead guy.

Get out to look for the little house with the flag, the bunker is inside. Destroy the padlock with a rifle fire, then unlock the door inside with the recovered key. In addition to the usual items, you will find a lighter.


Hermetic hangar

This cache begins at Lansdowne Airfield, north of the Fang Center.


The note says that a roof window could be opened, thus giving an indication of what to do: climb! I guess there are different techniques, but I preferred to take the helicopter and land on the roof. However, the helicopter is lost after that (no way to get back up).

You will have to open the door via a large button against one of the walls. The cache is inside, as well as a figurine.



The latter cache can be found at Ozhigwan Falls, to the far west of the area. The cache begins below the bridge overlooking the water, descend by jumping on the rocks or using the path. Be careful, you risk meeting cougars or even armed men in the woods.


Go back up, the easiest way is to use the fast travel, the key is just below the bridge, guarded by a few bad guys, so be careful. Kill them, get the key, then go back down to the wrecked car right next to the note, the cache is in a chest.


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