GW2 - Out of the Shadows: Success

You will find in this article the different achievements and their means of obtaining for episode 1 of season 3 of the living world: Out of the shadows. This episode has 28 successes for a total of 72  and 5 .

Episode reward : 23 + Bloodstone Crown Box

Story success

During your journey through the instances, you will be able to accomplish certain specific achievements. Some will ask to restart the instance several times.

  • Memorial of Honor to Hoelbrak
  • Research at Rata Novus
  • Blood and stone
  • Reaper of Magic
  • Acts of a shadow
  • Confessor's Fortress

Memorial of Honor to Hoelbrak - 0
Complete the Eir Memorial mission

Research at Rata Novus <p>2019<p>
Complete the lab mission with Taimi

It was blue or red <p>2019<p>
You must choose to solve the riddle to enter the laboratory. The combinations are as follows (J = Yellow, V = Purple, R = Red, B = Blue, Vt = Green)

  • P1: J - V - R - B
  • P2 : R - J - V - B
  • P3: J - R - B - V
  • P4: V - B - J - R
  • P5: Vt - B - R - V - J

No time for that <p>2019<p>

Choose not to solve the puzzle and face the Sentinel Golems. You receive the achievement immediately after killing them.

Blood and stone <p>2019<p>
Find Bennett in the Bloodstone Swamp

Reaper of Magic <p>2019<p>
Explore the Bloodstone Swamp in search of the secrets of untied magic

Acts of a shadow <p>2019<p>
Continue your journey to the Caverns of Invisible Lights

The sky is falling <p>2019<p>
You must complete the instance without taking damage from Bloodstone Fragments (falling or exploding). Success is not very complicated in itself if you pay a little attention. It is possible if you make several successes that some remain at the beginning of the instance without doing anything.

Confessor's Fortress <p>2019<p>
Pursue and capture Lord Caudecus

No bloodstone magic <p>2019<p>
In the fight against Adrienne and during the shield phases (75, 50 and 25%), you must prevent her from going around the whole room. To succeed, you must anticipate its movements by directing you immediately on the blood stone at each interphase. It is possible to make this success with several people.

Take it down a notch <p>2019<p>
During the fight against the Jade Sentry, certain Knights of the White Mantle posted at the top of the arena will perform cheering mimics. This is when you have to kill him with a ranged weapon. The success is personal if you do the instance with several people, however, the knights appear endlessly as long as the veteran is not killed.


Open world success

Masters and goggles

Temple of renewal <p>2019<p> and 1
Collect the mastery point that is in the crater of the Bloodstone Marsh map. If you don't get it the first time by going straight down, it is possible to use the mushrooms to go up quickly.

Fragmented expanses - 1 and 1
Recover the mastery point located at the top of the map. It is quite easy to access it by using the line of force near the point of passage of the aircraft.

Diving master <p>2019<p>
Use the diving goggles that are located near the highest mastery point on the map (the floating island just in front). To validate the success you must dive into the crater and arrive in the mesmerizing portal (floating magic in your descent will show you the approximate path).

Open world events

This part corresponds to the achievements of the open world and the various events that take place in the Bloodstone Swamp.

  • Ghosts
  • White-Coat
  • Other

Lost souls <p>2019<p>
Defeat the 4 ghost champions in the swamp. Find the boss locations below (Ehrin / Nyle / Josa / Lloyd)

Difficult mourning <p>2019<p> and 1
After the escort event, Alari will freak out through various dialogues. At this point, use the “Yes” emote to get the achievement.

Pieces of houppelande <p>2019<p>
Defeat 200 White Mantle Soldiers. Will do itself by completing the other achievements.

Die for good <p>2019<p>and 1
Defeat the ghostly vigilante in the Coliseum of the Faithful (requires a certain number of players).

Reversal of fortune <p>2019<p>
During the fight against the vigilante, this one will reveal blue zones which will give you the possibility of deploying your hang-glider. Use your self-attack on the boss to validate success.

Magic without limit <p>2019<p> and 1
You must collect 10 floating unbound magics in less than 60 seconds. The easiest way is to go to the crater by hang-gliding and glide from floating magic to floating magic (blue / black balls).

Do not cross the scent <p>2019<p>
For this achievement, you will need to purchase the Hang Gliding Spells for 1000 Unbound Magic and 500 Blood Dust. You will have to use your spell # 5 through a line of force to validate the success.

Jade carving <p>2019<p>
Defeat 10 Jade Sentries in the Swamp. The one from the last episode also works.

Guardian available <p>2019<p>
Defeat the Guardian of the Free Valley near the Chasm Depths crossing point. These mechanics are similar to that of the raid boss.

Journals to be completed

Dunces Conspiracy <p>2019<p>
Find and complete the three journals explaining the White Mantle plans. The different journals to complete are listed below and each collection will earn you 4 .

  • Kasandra
  • Valis the scholar
  • Justice Bauer

1. Apprentice Kasandra's notebook
Automatically retrieve when you find a page

2. 12 Phoenix

3. 16 Phoenix

4. 29 Phoenix

5. 45 Phoenix

6. 2 Descendants

7. 7 Descendants

8. 60 Descendants

9. 27 Phoenix

10. 65 Descendants

11. 52 Phoenix

12. 12 Colossus

13. 83 Zephyr

14. 73 Phoenix

15. 13 Zephyr

1. Research journal of the great scholar Valis the scholar
Automatically retrieve when you find a page

2. 86 Zéphyr

3. 14 Phoenix

4. 25 Phoenix

5. 60 Phoenix

6. 5 Descendants

7. 40 Descendants

8. 60 Zéphyr

9. 24 Descendants

10. 65 Descendants

11. 45 Phoenix

12. 2 Phoenix

13. 70 Phoenix

14. 13 Zéphyr

15. 17 Zéphyr

1. The memoirs of vigilante Bauer
Automatically retrieve when you find a page

2. 75 Zéphyr

3. 86 Zéphyr

4. 24 Phoenix

5. 42 Phoenix

6. 7 Descendants

7. 12 Colossus

8. 82 Phoenix

9. 65 Inmates

10. 72 Phoenix

11. 48 Phoenix

12. 31 Zéphyr

13. 74 Zéphyr

14. 2 Zéphyr

15. 14 Zéphyr

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