FFXIV - The Edge of Brambles (Brutal)

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The Mogs are calling on you to prevent some of theirs from committing a big mistake: summon their Good King Moggle Mog XII! It's nerd, you arrive too late, you will have to clean up!


A classic team is enough for this fight, namely 2 healers, 2 tanks and DPS. The ilvl required is 54.

The fight

Expect a happy mess! AOES everywhere, lights, delusional effects, strange noises ... I also had a hard time writing this guide! (Thanks to Glir 'for the little help.)

You will have 7 other Mogs to eliminate before dealing with the King:

  • Pukla Puki Fire-pompons: his job is Dark Mage which makes him quite dangerous since he uses AOEs.
  • Kupli Kipp Hairfoot: He is a White Mage and therefore heals his comrades.
  • Puksi Piko The Hirsute: He is a Bard and uses his songs to boost his friends. Any of these chants can make a Mog invincible. The latter will then tease the one who has the maximum aggro on his friend Bard.
  • Kupqu Kogi The Woolly: He's an Archer, doing damage to a target.
  • Kupdi Koop Le Moustachu: his job is Paladin. It has an action preventing you from using yours and can charm you.
  • Pukna Pako Spinner: He is a Thief, uses an AOE as well as a skill allowing him to petrify his target.
  • Kupta Kapa The disheveled: he is a Warrior. He uses an AOE that deals low damage.

Finally, King Mog uses the skills of these subjects when they are eliminated.

Phase 1: welcome your opponents!

You will have to kill the enemies in a precise order, in order to maximize your chances of achieving victory: the Black Mage, the White Mage, the Bard, the Thief, the Archer, the Paladin and the Warrior to finish. Be sure to designate a player when marking the targets so as not to get lost.
Mogs appear as you go. The first is the Paladin, Kupdi Koop Le Moustachu, who you must kill in second last. Take him down to the max (or kill him, that's even better!) Because 20 seconds later the Archer and the Dark Mage join in the fun. Pass on the Black Mage while your main tank takes care of possibly finishing the Paladin. You then have a little over 20 seconds before the White Mage, the Thief and the Warrior encrust themselves. You will then have a short delay before welcoming the Bard.

Mark them as they appear, you will need them for phase 2.

The 7 Mogs present, you have one minute to kill as many as possible before they return to summon their king. The main tank will then take care of the Archer and Warrior Paladin and keep them away from the group. The second tank will try to gather the others as much as possible while keeping an eye on his healers.

Phase 2: The King is coming!

Theoretically, you should have one or two alive Mog left at the start of this second phase.
The defeated Mogs rise and gather to summon their King. During their incantation, move away and prepare to collect: Breastplate on everyone, Treaty, Dome of survival ...
King Mog appears and begins to cast "Memento Mog". The main tank will have to engage in combat immediately. Memento Mog cashed, heal everyone while the MT drags the King north of the arena, placing him with his back to the rest of the group. Watch out for the King's AOEs as you move.

The secondary tank will take care of getting the Warrior and Paladin out of the way. The DPS is concentrated on the Mogs, following the order established in Phase 1. Feel free to use Transcendence on one of the mages, they are the most annoying! Stay focused, watch your healers and the fight should go well. All the Mogs eliminated, all you have to do is attack the King.

Loot List

The chest will contain an ilvl75 weapon.

  • Scholar: Grimoire mog moderator
  • White Mage: Mortifying Mog Lily
  • Warrior: Biting Mog Ax
  • Paladin: Lame my morbid
  • Summoner: Deadly Mog Grimoire
  • Dark Mage: Deadly Mog Staff
  • Monk: Fluffy Mug Fists
  • Dragon Knight: Monstrous Mog Fork
  • Bard: Mocking Mog Bow


Do not hesitate to submit your screenshots to illustrate this guide!

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