LotRO, Helm's Deep: the champion

The new game system brought by the Deep of Helm expansion, based on skill trees like classic MMOs, required a significant adaptation which, the developers hope, makes sense with what made the essence of the games. different character classes. We will see below how.

The champion is a character to which several roles have been assigned, the developers wanted to keep these roles by redefining them as follows:

  • The berserker: specialist in combat on single target, benefits from a cumulative reinforcement which increases its chance of criticism in addition to critical damage from the next Merciless Blow. He can choose to use it to destroy his target or toto be cured when it dies and regain its Fervor points.
  • Deadly Storm: branch specializing in the fight against multiple targets. When the champion is hit, grants a stacking buff that produces heavy damage to all nearby enemies. The more enemies there are, the more damage the champion will do. Cumulated with the Horn of champions and ... I let you glimpse the possibilities ^^
  • Fighting champion: the tanking without shield is more relevant than ever! The more damage it receives, the more its parry and damage increase, making it more and more effective. A legendary trait also increases its potency over time.

Two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons

The champion, moreover, will no longer depend on his weapons to define its role. On the contrary, it will be possible to choose ourselves the weapons that we want our champion to use in the skill tree and thus adapt it to the style of play you want to practice.



No more postures! The skills linked to the old postures are now passive and linked to the chosen specialization. This is an effort to rationalize rather than simplify since it was already exceedingly rare to see players change their posture during a fight.


A hybrid class

The developers determined which skills in the trees were essential to the chosen specialization and which could be chosen regardless of that specialization. This will work together to produce hybrid and varied characters that each player can then adapt to their own playstyle without risking running into an unviable character.


See you soon for a preview of an upcoming character class, good game!


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