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The PCM section makes a stop today on Destiny. For this new issue, I was able to speak with Lady and Yoda from the Zombies Faktory YouTube channel to share their experience on the Bungie title, among other things. Good reading !


Hello there, can you first of all introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, so we got to know each other online, on an FPS, we were virtual friends, before becoming real life friends, then one day… Ahah! We have been sharing our passion for games and videos for a few years now. But we are not FAIR that. In real life, we are 27 years old, Lady is responsible for a store in mass distribution and Yoda is responsible for a bakery on the Swiss border. But not for very long! After a few years in Geneva, we will very soon find our roots in Nantes, city of the heart, city of our childhoods, which we had left to discover new adventures. We have a dog, Maddy, a tall, crazy 2-year-old boxer! We like to live, to laugh, in the summer, to have parties, to sing, in short, enjoy life to the fullest !


Any IRL passions or hobbies that you would like to share with us?

We have a lot of them there again, video games take a lot of our time when we get home from work, but we also love travel. Whenever possible, visiting a new foreign country is a real pleasure! Lady is also particularly fond of drawing, writing, photography, video editing. Yoda is more music and football!


What is your background in video games? Is Destiny your first FPS?

We started very young, Lady with Super Mario on Super Nes and Yoda with Aladin on the Megadrive. We had a really big time on Call of Duty where we were playing multiplayer and zombie mode (the start of our channel). Medal of honor was our first FPS, but we also dabbled in a lot of diverse and varied games (Lady's first crush, however, remains Final Fantasy 7 on Playstation!).


Why did you start on YouTube?

Well like that, for no reason, on a desire, an unexplained whim ! We were zombie fans, and Lady wanted to film her gameplays and upload them. She took Yoda on this adventure when we were just friends at the time. This channel brought us closer together, we shared a common passion for video games, without any projects. In fact, the only goal we set for ourselves was to reach 1000 subscribers. Then the 10000, like a milestone to pass. We were proud and happy, the rest now, it's just haphazard. If the channel evolves, it makes us extremely happy, but our pleasure from the beginning remains unchanged: simply share our videos and find people to like them, no more no less.


How long have you been playing Destiny now?

Since the first day of the alpha, in June 2o14. We haven't dropped out since!


What made you want to create content around the game?

The desire to share, to show what we know how to do with our hands, to also transmit tips, tutorials, techniques. We also share this passion for video games with other Youtubers, spanish, English speakers, and interacting with these people is a real pleasure.


Are you casual or regular gamers? Do you participate in the various events that happen on an ad hoc basis in the game? 

We are more than regular players, even daily, with more than 1000 hours of play to our credit! Redbull, SRL, feast of lost souls, Crimson, we haven't missed any of the events since the game was released!


What class are you playing? What is your favorite doctrine?

Each class has its advantages, we love them all! Afterwards, Yoda has particularly evolved with the Hunter and Lady with her Arcanist. On the other hand, she largely prefers the doctrine Titan Sunbreaker, against the Arcanist's Abyssal Voice for Yoda.


What do you like best about your goalie as well as the class you play?

Lady appreciates the "sheave" side of the arcanist, it can give a certain strategic side in PvP, it is very resistant and its fusion grenades are overpowered! Yoda prefers the efficient side of the Arcanist's nova bomb, and particularly appreciates teleported jumps, which are the base in multiplayer!


What are your favorite exotic legendary weapons in the game?

Oh there are so many! The Oz of Wickedness, Eagle's View for PvE, the Inopportune Host, Mida and Thistle for PvP, and at the very beginning our mythical Gjallarhorn as well as the Red Death, which remain the first exotics we have. had!


Are you PvE or more of a PvP player?

Both: Destiny PvE is a must, it's a marvel. When you take a little interest in grimoires, the story of the game is fascinating. PvP? Yes, but depending on the mode. The Iron Banner, Rift and Rift mode, SRL and Judgment of Osiris are very successful multi modes!


What are your favorite activities on the game? What do you like to do the most when you log in?

Bold Raids, Dark Nights, the Iron Banner and the Osiris Judgment!


Do you have an anecdote to tell us about the game?

We would have so many good times to share about our delusions in Destiny. Our best memories? All these wonderful trips (USA, London, Germany, Paris) that we were able to make thanks to the teams of developers, which will undoubtedly remain in our fondest memories of gamers!


Do you have other games in the pipeline?

So much ! Final Fantasy 15, FarCry Primal, the next DLC of BO3 and their zombie cards are also waiting for us!


What's your take on Destiny? What would you like to see in the game in the future?

In our opinion, Destiny remains a very successful game. Graphically, but also in its playability, in its history. It is enough to open a few grimoires to understand that there is a whole world behind these missions and assaults that we have released. You don't spend 1000 hours on a game to pretend you don't like it, that would be hypocrisy. There is a side system of random loot, which some people dislike, which we can understand, but that is the very stake of this “MMOFPS”. We also like the characters, their skills, the fluidity of their handling. For Destiny 2, we would dream of having new enemies, new character classes, new vehicles, new planets!


And what did Destiny bring you, both IRL and from a video game point of view?

An incomparable, unique gaming experience, a very good opus. We had a really good time on a video game, period. Afterwards, for the rest, as said above, we experienced incredible moments, exceptional thanks to Destiny (the events, the studios, the developers, the salons, the other Youtubers ...) but above all: we shared magnificent moments with our friends. And that is what we will never forget. All these hours of raid, all these discoveries, all our delusions ... We have a small group of friends that we have known for a long time (some even long before Youtube) and we all still share today this passion for video games, for the better and for worse! One of our dreams? That our children (when we have them!) One day face theirs on a good part of Bo7 or Destiny 4!


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