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With a little delay, here is finally the tag guide for the third and final episode of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm!

Like the two previous episodes, there are 10 tags to be done throughout the episode. Obviously, as for the previous guides, this last one can contain spoils as for the places, the history, progression and the "points of no return" to carry out the tags.

The Points of no return »Are the events or actions that you will carry out, which will make you move on to the rest of the adventure and will therefore prevent you from carrying out the tags. They will have to be done BEFORE the point of no return! Let the music !

If you missed tags from previous episodes, you can find the guides below:

  • Episode 1 - Awake
  • Episode 2 - Splendid New World

Rachel's Room

Rachel's bedroom has 2 tags to make.

Success: Fed up with homework!

This tag is very easy to perform. To achieve this, approach Rachel's desk and look at the diary next to the laptop. Once done, you can add a tag on it.

Point of no return : Use the lamp to console Rachel.

Success: American Graffiti

Like the first tag, the latter is very simple. To do this, all you need to do is approach the map of the United States that is hanging on the wall, facing Rachel. Look at the map, and then you can add new states to it!

Point of no return : Use the lamp to console Rachel.

Price House - Floor

Here too, you will have two tags to make, very easy to do.

Success: Between colleagues

Once Chloe is in her bedroom, head to the small shelf between the trash can and the desk. Take a look at the class photo, which you can then tweak a bit!

Point of no return : go down to the ground floor.

Success : Monthly masterpiece

For this second tag, you just have to go to Chloe's mother's room. As soon as you walk through the door, look at the calendar posted just to the right. Once observed, you just have to customize it a little!

Point of no return : go down to the ground floor.


You only have one tag to do in the landfill.

Success: Spitting image

To perform this unique tag to perform in this scene, you will need to perform actions in a specific order:

  1. Observe the fuel filter (located on the far right)
  2. Remove the fuel filter
  3. Once the filter is disassembled, watch it so that Chloe blows into it.
  4. Put your tag on the stain against the hood.

Point of no return : Have repaired the battery, the timing belt and "machinchouette".


This is where you will have the most tags to do, i.e. three.

Success: Defouloir

This first tag in the hospital is very simple. As soon as you take control of Chloe, head to the broken down vending machine next door.

  1. Look at it to find out that there is a stuck chocolate bar.
  2. Perform the "Snap" option three times
  3. Pick up the candy bar.
  4. Draw on the dispenser.

The option to tag the distributor may not appear. If so, go explore the elements of the waiting room a bit and come back, the option should appear!

Point of no return : Go to Rachel's Room

Success: Hail Nanny!

This tag is also carried out in the waiting room. Head towards the elevators, until you meet the couple from episode 2 who you stole the bottle of wine from. Once the couple are gone, walk towards the door and observe the notice board on which is an advertisement for the nurses that you will be able to tag!

Point of no return : Go to Rachel's Room

Success : Plastering

The candy bar that Chloe recovered has not stalled her and she is still hungry. Go to Drew's room and watch the delicious pudding set on the table. Chat with Drew and engage in a dialogue "fight". The answers to him are:

  1. "Aren't you afraid of me?" "
  2. "You eat to compensate. "
  3. “Better to have loved. "
  4. “We are all losers. "

Once the fight is won, devour your reward! Then you can go back to talk to Drew and offer to do a little graffiti on his cast.

Point of no return : Go to Rachel's Room

Amber House - Office

A single tag to create here, very very simple!

Success: Poivrot in the office

To make this tag, head to the desk and open the drawer on the left. Look at the liquor bottle and then you can leave a little message for Rachel's dad!

Point of no return : Get the money back for Diamond.

Old sawmill

He's there ! The very last tag in the game! (Yes, there is none in the bonus episode)

Success: A beautiful b * rdel

The latter is also simple to perform. The first thing to do is to recover the knife planted on the beam of the bar counter. Once in your possession, move the corrugated iron on your right (next to the "table" and observe the message written on the wall. You are not going to do graffiti, but only destroy it with a knife, mwuahaha!

Point of no return : go to the other room.

There you go, you have all the tags of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm! Congratulations!

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