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Episode 2 is finally out! In addition to sending heavy in its scenario, it has, like the first episode, tags to achieve throughout the adventure.

There are, as in the first episode, 10 tags to achieve. However, while there was only one tag per "area" in the first game, there are, in some areas, more than one. Obviously, be careful when reading what follows, because some tags described here may contain a little spoil as much on the story, on their location or on the way to achieve them!

The Points of no return »Are the events or actions that you will carry out, which will make you move on to the rest of the adventure and will therefore prevent you from carrying out the tags. They will have to be done BEFORE the point of no return! Let the music !

If you missed tags on the other episodes, you can find the guides below:

  • Episode 1 - Awake
  • Episode 3 - Hell is Empty


Success: Theatrical writing

First tag of the game. It is very easy to do. After your madness in the WC, you must join Joyce in the parking lot, then immediately go to the right and approach the van in which there are spotlights. Examine them so you can just tag them.

Point of no return : Join Joyce and David at the end of the parking lot


The landfill has two tags to create. They must be done in the order indicated above!

Success: Radical piracy

This is the tag to do first. As soon as you have control of Chloe, go left to get to the boat. At the back of the boat, try to climb on it. Realizing you won't be able to do it (cigarette dirt!: D), move the paddle just to your left and climb onto the boat. Once on it you will see a car hood on the left, examine it so you can apply the tag!

Point of no return : Have finished repairing and decorating the car.

Success: Feeling of escape

This tag comes true after you've completely repaired and "redecorated" Chloe's new car. When you're seated inside, examine the top of the bench seat so you can just draw your tag there!

Point of no return : Use the pack of cigarettes for smoking.

Discharge - Later

Success: Cannon wall

This tag is made while Chloe is setting up her "new house". It is very easy to do, you just have to go and examine the corner of the wall on the right and put your stamp on it, which will still be there many years later.

Point of no return : Leave the building.

Frank's camping car

Success: Wish list

This tag is very easy to make. When Frank asks you to find his notebook, go to the sink and look at his shopping list: you can write a little sweet note!

Point of no return : Bring the notebook back to Frank.


There are two tags to be made in the dormitory courtyard. They can be done in any order and they both have the same point of no return (entering the dorm).

Success: Not heavy

This tag is very easy to do. As soon as you arrive in the area, you notice a fresh cement slab. Like a good rebel that is Chloe, walk on it to put your shoe brand on it. Once done, you can sign your work with a sentence that will be remembered!

Point of no return : Enter the dormitory

Success: Forest Friends

This tag is more complicated to perform, it is done in several steps and in a specific order.

  1. Go try to open the dormitory door
  2. Go to the warden's lodge, observe the keys
  3. Get out and go observe the automatic sprinkler
  4. Head towards the bird and scare it so that it goes towards the pile of seeds in front of the Totem
  5. Scare him one last time so he can go and land on the Totem
  6. Break the automatic sprinkler
  7. Wait for Samuel to leave the room and you can put your signature on the door!

Point of no return : Enter the dormitory

Boys dorms

Success: Indelible recording

As soon as you are in the dorms, enter room 105. Once inside, head to the desk and open the drawer, then read the diary which has some pretty ... special poems. Once done, come out of the room, erase what is written on the board and put your thoughts there!

Point of no return : Enter Drew's Room.

Campus - Backstage

Success: The price of vanity

This tag is very easy to achieve. Once Chloe has donned her Raven costume, watch the mirror and put your mood on it!

Point of no return : Leave the tent.

Amber House

Success: Bestial character

This is the very last tag of this episode. To achieve it, it will take some specific actions.

  1. Go talk to Rachel's mom and ask if you can help her.
  2. First, take the plates from the cupboard behind her and put them on the table.
  3. Go back and talk to him to find out what to do next.
  4. Go talk to Rachel's dad and ask him what drink he wants for the meal.
  5. Go back to talk to the mother again.
  6. Head to the Chinese buffet next to the table, grab the glass and put it on the table.
  7. Go back to talk to Mama Amber once again.
  8. Head back to the table to light the candles.
  9. Go back and talk to Mama Amber one last time.
  10. Once the conversation is over, she will walk away.
  11. Turn to the fridge, watch the front page of the newspaper and show your anger!

Point of no return : Start the meal

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