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Retsnom is a platform and puzzle game in a pixel-art style, it is the second game from a South Korean developer Somi. In Retsnom, which can be reversed with Monster, I play a character whose goal is to save his sister infected by a zombie virus! The only way to save her is to enter a medical complex. To navigate my way through this maze, I'm going to have to use mirror techniques.

The prologue allows you to familiarize yourself with the game: it's simple and effective.

The movement arrows, or ZQSD, left right to move, up and down to look a little further in these directions, the space bar to jump, and the ALT key for the mirror technique.

The mirror technique consists of inverting elements of the decor from left to right, or vice versa, corresponding to a square 9 in height and 9 in width, of which the character is the central point. All the elements on the right will be on the left and vice versa.

I will therefore have to use this technique in order to access the various elements to recover before being able to use the door and go to another level.

At the start of this preview, I told you about plural techniques. Indeed, you will have others to discover over the course of your journey made up of 60 levels that are just waiting for you!

You can check out the video below and, as usual, a Steam link to buy this game for just € 5!

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