SimCity - 6.0 preview

The 6.0 patch notes are on the official forum. These changes are mainly focused on improving the zone system (RCI Residential / Commerce / Industry).

  • New : RCI setting - Setting to favor industrial zones. Commercial buildings have a shortfall if they do not have enough goods. The demand bars should inform the player about the area to be created.
  • New : RCI height variations for density 3 buildings. This will bring more variety to the appearance of your cities.
  • New : option of borderless window mode.
  • Resolutions of problems related to the situation "No more money!" Or an unexplained abandonment.
  • Clarification regarding vacancies and employees to ensure players receive a message in case employees cannot access vacancies.
  • Residential and commercial buildings are now more consistent in the same level of wealth, in an area at the specific land value. Improves visual consistency.
  • The Labor demand, No customers and No work alerts have been added to the zone creation info screen.
  • Data card : Improved accuracy of the land value map. Colors for the wealth levels of residential and commercial buildings have been added. Abandoned buildings appear in red.
  • Data card : The land value card indicates where to place parks.
  • Problem solved : RCI buildings are no longer built on roads.
  • Addressed performance issues in cities with over XNUMX million tourists.
  • Interface clarification : indicates the town hall modules already placed in the region in the category interface.
  • Garbage interface : the garbage interface no longer displays the garbage cans already collected as it sometimes happened.
  • Gifts : Cash gifts will be sent to the other city even if a player leaves the donor city before seeing the gift confirmation.

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