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John Giordano, Gameplay Scripter, returns as promised to give us more information about OmegaCo. He already begins by telling us about Omega, a mysterious, polluting and highly sought-after substance that is obtained by mixing oil and ore. Fortunately, a technological innovation now makes it possible to extract both at the same time and send the mixture directly to factories via platforms and pipelines. No need for transport trucks anymore!

OmegaCo is a futuristic mega-company that has a monopoly on the Omega and wants to make the city, if not the entire region, dependent on the Omega. It will first be necessary to locate OmegaCo factories at strategic points in the city and deliver Omega to industries. We start by offering the services free of charge in order to attract the customer ... before requesting a subscription. These industries will deliver to shops which will be converted little by little in their turn. Residential areas will be the last to succumb to purple gold thanks to courier drones, generously donated by OmegaCo, which will go to homes to serve the Sims and do their shopping. After a brief free test period, the lucky owners of the drones will in turn have to pay an hourly subscription!

You have to be careful because Omega is a dangerous substance, highly flammable and toxic: the Sims will not be able to get sick, the pollution (air and ground) can get out of control and the health and fire services will be on constant alert. In addition, the addiction is strong and the Sims could turn violent if they ran out of it!

It makes me think more and more about Cyberpunk, this city of tomorrow ...

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