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The Sims series has always been synonymous with content distilled here and there, through DLC and other kits. Obviously, The Sims 4 is no exception to the rule, as we can imagine, BUT it seems that Maxis wants to spoil the players by also offering them free updates, including all players who have purchased the base game will benefit.

Here is the program for the next few months:


Ghosts in October!

Halloween is approaching and obviously we can celebrate it with dignity with this update, available very soon, or even now, which will allow us to continue playing with our Sims spent in the other world, but in the form of ghosts, benefiting from abilities special, depending on how they left the living world. And maybe a smart Sim could figure out how to bring the dead back to life.

The guide

How do ghosts work?

How do you find these scary creatures from the spirit world? When a Sim dies, ghost non-playable characters (NPCs) associate with a gravestone or urn in your Sim's house or garden; it's not just decorations. You can form relationships with these ghosts and invite them to join your Sim's household where they can become playable characters. Once a ghost is "playable," they can get a job, get married, and contribute to the family just like any living Sim. Of course, ghosts wouldn't be true undead if they didn't have special ghost abilities and behaviors.


Behavior of ghosts

Ghosts are moody and what they do depends on their state of mind at the time they died. Ghosts that are laughing out loud stay positive with a mindset that makes Sims playful nearby. Beware of ghosts who have died of anger; their attitude is very different. Other ghosts have more ... unique behaviors. Sims who die from electrocution become ghosts capable of shattering objects while possessing them. The victims of the Cow Plant spend their afterlife interested in gardening; if you're lucky, a ghost will lovingly take care of your Sim's garden, but if you're in a bad mood, it will be the killer of all the plants in the garden.

Fortunately, knowing the mood of ghosts is fairly straightforward as they tend to radiate their emotions to expose them for everyone to see. Everyone is transparent in the world of the living dead!

The way you play also influences the behavior of ghosts. If you make your Ghost Sims happy, they'll be a great help around the house, giving Sims more time to accomplish their goals, make friends, or do whatever activity they like. For example, you might be fed up with the time it takes normal Sims to fix things around the house. When there are ghosts around, you can use "Ghost Repair" to save a lot of time! A ghost Sim can even be used as a kind of housekeeper who tidies up your Sim family while your Sim family is sleeping if the ghost Sim has the Healed trait.


Getting rid of ghosts

Tired of your Ghost Sim? No problem ! Ghosts can easily be sent to the Dark World through interaction with their urn or gravestone. You can also bring ghosts back to life! If your Sim is proficient enough in gardening and cooking, they can cook up a delicious dish of ambrosia to bring back the ghosts from the dead.To do this, you need three ingredients: ambrosia, a chrysanthemum, and the Potion of youth.


This update will also be an opportunity to show your love of Star Wars, with costumes of Leia, Yoda, Luke as an X-Wing pilot and Darth Vader! To us the conventions of Star Wars Simiesques! And a few more eye colors.


Prepare the swimsuits in November!

As winter approaches, we take the swimming pools out, it's well known .... oh wait, no, it's not really the season. And yet, it is in November that the big lack of the game will finally be filled: the swimming pools!


Get to work in December!

Although we usually take Christmas vacations in December, our Sims will be able to choose new career paths and earn new rewards.


A good surprise! Does all this make you want?

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