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To follow up on the first "How it works" which concerned buildings, Cristian St. Aubyn (Senior Technical Artist) talks to us today about the size of the lots. In the previous topic, we learned that the polygon budget is based on the lot size of the unit (rather than the size of the model). Here is the formula that is used to calculate the general budget for polygons:

LOD-0 = 0.5 triangles per m² of the lot
LOD-0 = 0.5 * (lot depth * lot width)

All buildings that appear in areas (industrial, commercial or residential) have a depth that depends on density and wealth. The width (space on the street) varies little. Here is the list of units and the size of the lots. Note that when the width varies, the values ​​are indicated in parentheses.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


To calculate the budget for a building:

  • create a street in L.
  • place the building in the corner of the intersection.
  • select the unit to have its outline in white.
  • in the parks, Nature, select the short row of trees. It is 16 m wide.
  • place these trees across the street making sure you start at the building (not the intersection).
  • continue until you finish filling the entire area corresponding to the building.
  • count the number of trees placed!


Exercise: what is the size of the town hall above?

The town hall makes 7x9 parks. As we know that the parks are 16 meters wide, so the town hall is 112x114 meters!


You understood everything ?


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