SimCity - Many future features?

A survey currently underway, a screenshot of which has been published on reddit, provides an idea of ​​the main axes envisaged by EA for the evolution of SimCity.

For non-English speakers, they ask what reasons might lead us to replay SimCity:

  • a reconstruction tool : Repair your broken buildings after disasters for a cost.
  • guilds : establish your charter, organize game sessions and challenges, filter regions to display only the members of your guild and put the regions in your guild's colors.
  • direct rankings : Compete directly with your friends with direct leaderboards. Receive progress messages and missions to beat your friends.
  • bus lanes : check the sequence of stops. Up to 10 stops per lane.
  • up / down tool : raise or lower existing roads in order to create underground passages or viaducts.
  • naming : customize your city like never before. Name your buildings, streets, businesses, and even your Sims.
  • one-way streets : Create one-way streets to keep traffic flowing and create roundabouts at intersections.
  • shared events : Take part in daily events that unfold in the world of SimCity such as zombie invasions or sporting events. Each event triggers special missions and rewards to decorate their city.
  • larger cities : imagine spaces for your city 2x bigger than the current spaces.
  • Metro : Use this classic mode of transportation in SimCity. The subway is built under the city, allowing Sims to travel.

The survey also wonders about a potential future expansion that will allow us to create at height by taking the simulation to the sky. It would be possible to create a futuristic city, with a big corporation (OmegaCorp) that would consume resources for profit. Robotics would improve services and business. A second orientation would be an elitist city where an academy would specialize in research and new technologies.

Finally, we have a large list of features is given:

  • terraformation
  • exchange: exchange your creations between players (buildings, vehicles, cities, regions ...)
  • build together: build cities with friends
  • classic mode: create a connected city or not, with the possibility of using cheat codes
  • city ​​evolution: watch the city evolve over 200 years, from the industrial revolution to the near future
  • specialization of cities: more customizations
  • import your Sims
  • heroes: choose heroes who can be made to grow and impact their lives (doctors, police officers, rock star, teacher, superheroes)
  • Multi-region game: play in multiple interconnected regions that may or may not interact with each other.
  • personalization: recreate famous places with decorative objects, the possibility of renaming streets, buildings, Sims.
  • cities without borders: create wherever you want, without limits.
  • set of farms and food: take advantage of the 5 new resources (Grain, Meat, Products, Fish and Food), as many resources to sell on the market!
  • military set: become a general and change the appearance of your city whose response to disasters will change.
  • road packs: get more options to optimize traffic and creativity and create undergrounds or viaducts.
  • park packs: build a parks department to bring more greenery to the city and more customizable parks.
  • spanish city pack
  • english city pack
  • german city pack
  • japanese city pack
  • heroes & villains pack
  • airship pack
  • pack mono-rail
  • metro pack
  • roman casino
  • Crime Baron: Generate revenue by speculating in crime, for unscrupulous mayors.
  • places of worship
  • cultural pack with museums (natural history museum, planetarium, modern art museum and Symphony Hall)
  • amusement park pack
  • demolition pack with a team automatically cleaning the city by removing abandoned buildings

So what is your preference! It's your turn to speak !

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