Battlefront - Beta: Attack of the Walkers

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Joel Fulleda

Head to Hoth to relive the mythical battle that took place there, when the Empire tried to end once and for all with the Rebel Alliance, with the Marchers Attack mode.

If you are interested in viewing a part, here is a part made by IDestinia:



In this mode, the objective when playing a Rebel is to reach the communication relays and activate them, allowing the Y-wings to lock down the Imperial AT-ATs (AT-ATs). When a Y-wing bombards an AT-TT, it becomes vulnerable to your blasters, turrets or fighter, X-wing or A-wing fire. The objective is obviously to destroy them. It is also possible, using a snowspeeder, to do as in the Empire Strikes Back and use the rope to block the legs of the AT-TT and make it crash to the ground.

On the Imperial side, you will have to make sure to keep these relays off, or, if unfortunately the rebels manage to activate them, you will have to cut them, thus preventing the Y-wings from locking your Walkers. If a rebel bomber were to shoot the AT-ATs anyway, you will then have to mercilessly slaughter all the Rebels who would have the audacity to shoot them The final objective being to allow your Walkers to go and destroy the opposing generator. .

One of those famous relays to control

If at least one of the AT-ATs reaches the objective, the Empire is the winner and to know the rest, I refer you to the films. Otherwise, the Alliance wins and ... well, you are free to rewrite the fate of the galaxy.



Throughout the game, you will have access to various bonuses to help you turn the fight between your favor: vehicles, the possibility of becoming a hero (Luke Skywallker for the Rebels or Darth Vader for the Imperials) or equipment special, such as automatic turrets, shields, rocket launchers or very powerful grenades.

Claim a TIE bonus ... … And dominate the battlefield!

Or opt for the X-wing bonus… … And fly for the Rebel Alliance!

Take advantage of a TB-TT to order an orbital strike Pilot a TR-TT. It's very intuitive!

Take the hero bonus Will you be Darth Vader?

Or Luke Skywalker?


The first two stints

On the Alliance side, you initially appear behind a hill, while the relays are on the other side. So you have to go around to reach them. However, you can quickly take up position in turrets, ideal for covering the advance of your comrades and canard the enemy. Since the strategy of spawnkill is easily (and frequently) implemented by the Imperials, controlling these turrets will also allow you to prevent this from happening. In fact, the nearest turrets have an ideal firing angle to reach any enemy who wants to pick you up when you reappear. You also have almost immediate access to the X-wing bonuses, allowing you to take control of this legendary aircraft from the Star Wars saga.

On the Empire side, you also spawn behind a hill, but you have two starting points, one on either side of that hill. The relays are in the crevasse between your hill and that of the Rebels. One of the relays, the one on the right, is easily accessible, but beware, the Rebels will not be far. The other relay is also very quickly in their hands, and even if you are a good shooter, you will have a lot of difficulty preventing them from activating it. Rest assured, you can climb in a TIE fighter, a TR-TT (AT-ST) or even aboard your AT-TT. Each vehicle has its own unique capabilities, and they provide the Empire with enormous firepower. In the TR-TT and TIE, you are vulnerable to enemy attacks. In the AT-TT you are not, even when a Y-wing has bombarded you, but you can only stay there for a minute. Enjoy it!

Once these two stints have passed, the bombardment of the Y-wings begins and we move on to the following stints.

The TB-TT was bombarded by the Y-wings and was exposed. Fire!


Intermediate relays

One of the relays is located inside the rebel base while the other is in a first trench, behind the starting hill of the Rebels during the previous relays. The interior of the base can be attacked by several entrances: one close to the Imperial assailants, the large hangar in the center, and two recessed entrances, in the direction of the rebel shield generator. Here, the firepower of Imperial vehicles can make a big difference. Try to control the hill in the center of the map to have a good position to duck your enemies. Inside the rebel base, lock the inputs to secure the relay.

The main entrance to the base The interior

Entrances on the sides ... … Are often quite intense battle points.

With these two relays, the X-wing bonuses are removed from the game, but they are replaced by A-wing bonuses, small and very maneuverable fighters capable of causing big damage very quickly to other vehicles. On the other hand, they are a little less precise at shooting enemy soldiers. On the Empire side, nothing new in the vehicles.

The A-wing is very manoeuvrable A little escape maneuver

It's always nice to have a TR-TT by your side The second relay, behind this trench

The last two stints

These two relays are located in a trench area. They are very easy to hit but much more difficult to defend than the previous ones. Indeed, the two camps have access to many turrets, to passages diverted by the trenches and some grenades well placed are particularly bad. It is not uncommon for these relays to change hands frequently

A beautiful view of the trenches


This area sees the appearance of a new vehicle, the T-47 Snowspeeder, a good support vehicle capable of destroying an AT-AT in one turn of the cable, provided it is vulnerable following the passage of a Y-wing. However, the T-47 is neither very maneuverable nor very fast and makes an easy target for TIE fighters, or worse yet, for the new TIE interceptors, which are entering the battlefield with these latest relays. Not quite as quick and maneuverable as A-wings, however, they are still quite capable of competing with them and can take control of the skies on behalf of the Empire.

... or a TIE interceptor, in training with a TIE fighter


The final confrontation will be played out in this area. Either the Rebels manage to destroy the AT-ATs for victory, or the Imperial Marchers reach the generator at the Rebel base and bite it down, giving the Empire victory.

The TB-TT has just collapsed, in flames. Victory of the rebels!


My opinion

The map may seem unbalanced at first, the firepower of the Empire allowing to quickly break the rebels for those who do not know the map. But once in the ground, it is above all the team that knows best how to take advantage of the terrain that will win. We won't talk about spawnkill here, but it's easy to bypass objectives and shoot enemies from the rear, or even exploit turrets to their advantage, and destroy them when they get in the way.

In the end, even if the Empire has a big advantage with controllable AT-TTs, it is offset by more rebel fighters, more resistant and a little more efficient, even if it remains playable for Imperial fighters. In any case, if you manage not to die over and over like the beginner that I am, you really have a way to have fun and win whatever your side. Can't wait to see the full version!

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