Battlefront - How to get started?

That's it, you just got Star Wars Battlefront and maybe you have even downloaded and installed its 28 GB. Now you are wondering "Nine multiplayer game modes ... Where do I start?". Here are some keys to getting started in the game and even before. Of course, nothing obliges you to follow this little guide to the letter, or to agree with it, but in my opinion it allows you to start with more ease. Here is what I would do in order:


1) Before starting the game, if you wait while it is downloading you can already do some headquarters on the game site. This little strategy game certainly has nothing to do with Battlefront, however it does will allow you to earn already some credits to buy star cards as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to consult our presentation of the General Staff during the beta.


2) Once the game is installed, start with the tutorial. It may sound obvious ... but not for everyone. The game should normally prompt you to take the tutorial directly. If not, you can find it at the bottom of your screen next to the Exit button. The tutorial will teach you the basics: moving, the hand of star cards, etc.


3) Go to "Missions" and do the training. Each of them will allow you to learn how a specific element works:

  • Beggar's canyon: piloting the hunters
  • Pursuit on Endor: piloting the motojets
  • Supremacy: use of TR-TTs
  • The dark side: playing as a hero
  • Invasion: piloting and use of air-speeders

These trainings will tell you two-three important things to know, like the fact that the missile of the TR-TT is self-guided (practical against fighters) or how to drop an AT-TT with the cable of the air-speeder ( and that was not at all intuitive during the beta!).


4) Well the solo is good but I want to do a little multi! And the ideal is to start with the Fighter Squadron mode. Why ? Quite simply because everyone is on an equal footing in this mode. In other modes, you will start out with no items in your hand and with a basic weapon choice while others will already have a full and upgraded multiple hands and all blasters. No hands or blasters in hunters, so you will be on par with other players ... if not experience. The Fighter Squadron mode will therefore allow you to gain experience and credits until you reach level 3 and finally be able to buy star cards for your hand.


5) Return to solo eventually. There are three single player modes: Battles, Hero Battles and Survival, each of these modes being available on four maps. With these, you will have access to predefined hands and star maps, different depending on the map and mode. This will give you the opportunity to test the different cards before buying them. The same goes for blasters since you have access to all blasters in single player mode. Finally, the Hero Battles mode will allow you to test the different heroes rather than discovering them in multiplayer.

I put Boba Fett in illustration just because he has class!


6) You are ready for multiplayer. There isn't much more you can do to prepare yourself other than practice solo. So, which game mode are you going to get into?


Hope this little beginner's guide has been helpful in getting you started. Good game everyone !

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