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A few months ago, I presented Construction Simulator 2015 to you. This aptly named game offers you ... to build! Controlling various construction vehicles, from the excavator to the dump truck, we have to perform different tasks: dig a hole, mount a wall, transport materials ... True to its simulation name, the controls are intended to be faithful to the reality, although this can sometimes taint the gameplay a bit.

The game returns in a Gold version including the game, all expansions and extras, for a total of 19 construction vehicles. I certainly won't surprise you when you tell you that I am not a specialist in construction sites, but the press release speaks with pride of the addition of vehicles from well-known manufacturers like Liebherr, MAN and Still. These include the Liebherr LB 28 drilling rig, the Liebherr LR 1300 crawler crane and the Liebherr 150 EC-B flat-top crane.

In itself, the Gold Edition differs only slightly from the 2015 version tested previously. It all starts with the rapid creation of a character and a company, then the first site, serving as a tutorial, allowing you to learn the basics.

The flatbed truck is used to transport goods. You have to pick them up at the nursery, the materials dealer or the sawmill. Once purchased, the goods are presented on pallets. It is therefore necessary to use a fork-lift truck to load them onto the truck, attach them and then forward to the site.

It also makes it possible to attach the trailer to transport machinery.

The dump truck is used to transport a dumpster to recover the rubble that will then have to be brought back to the gravel pit.

The excavator is rather difficult to master, there are a lot of controls! As you can imagine, this machine allows you to make big holes! In the absence of a forklift, a hook also allows goods to be lowered from the flatbed truck.

The game offers basic character and company management. By going up levels, it is possible to hire workers who will help on the sites and can thus do the tasks that you do not like to do.

Work sites, more or less difficult and remunerative, are offered regularly. Of course, the faster you go, the more contracts you can collect and the more money you will make to invest in more machines so that you can complete even more contracts! And to you the wealth!

The game is fun, although it is not free from bugs. In particular, I had my forklift which suddenly backed up, got into my flatbed truck which ended up on the roof, the goods on the ground. For a game that wants to be a simulation, everything should have been screwed up but no ... I reset my truck and I was able to resume my delivery. The excavator is also a bit finicky. And the other vehicles are sometimes a little slow to relax, waiting a long time before entering the intersections.

Despite everything, these worries made me smile more than anything else and I had a good time digging, building, transporting! In addition, it is cheaper at the moment with -15%:

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