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Following the preview of the Destroyer in the middle of the week, we've provided a guide to fighting him and the achievements associated with him.


The fight against the Destroyer

The mechanics of combat

The Destroyer has several attacks to protect itself:

  • Crystal Prison : Randomly, players will be locked in a crystal prison. As soon as the dragon roars, all trapped players will suffer heavy damage.
  • Roar : Summons his minions who will attack all players in the area.
  • Paw kick : Melee attack announced by an orange zone. Easily dodgy.
  • Onde the choc : Line attack in front of the boss covering a large area.
  • Storm of crystals : The Destroyer will gain a defiance bar, if it is not destroyed it will fly away and deal damage to the area.

Besides this, the Destroyer will become invulnerable at 50% and 25% of its health and will summon 5 crystals on the battlefield. They will aim to heal the boss. Each of the crystals has a defiance bar that will need to be destroyed in order to inflict damage on it. If you delay too long in this phase, the heal on the Destroyer will be too high and you will run out of time to beat it.


Attack groups

To have a chance of succeeding in your fight against the Destroyer, you will have to divide the tasks between the players. Typically there will be 3 groups:

  • Artillery
  • Hang gliding
  • front

The aim of the artillery group will be to support the players at the front. There are two types of weapon:

  • Turrets (4): Inflicts good damage but also controls (useful for the defiance bar).
  • Mortars (6): Slow attack but high damage. Useful also in the support of the front group thanks to curative shells.

Players in this group are very vulnerable against minions of the Destroyer. The air group will be there to protect them.

To take off, you will have to use the platforms that are close to the siege weapons. You will have 3 new spells (replacing your weapon skills):

  • Bombs: Inflicts damage to the ground
  • Medical Kits: Drop health kits for your allies
  • Consume a care kit

You will need to watch out for Electric Clouds (warned in your perks / conditions bar) because if they hit you, you will fall from your hang glider, which can inflict heavy damage on you.

The front group will simply have to try to survive the various attacks of the Destroyer. Always try to be closest to the boss to be ready to destroy his defiance bar.


Achievements of the Destroyer

The Destroyer gets a new meta-achievement thanks to the update of January 26, 2016 where you can get 25  as well as a new exotic back item.

The total amount of achievement points is 110  and you will need to do it at least 10 times because of the No-Fly Zone achievement requiring you to destroy its defiance bar 20 times.

  • No-fly zone (6 ): Break the Destroyer's defiance bar 20 times. This success is not complicated if your group is organized. Requires doing the boss at least 10 times.
  • Stigmatized plague (10 ): Kill 500 minions during your battles against the Destroyer. Nothing very complicated in itself but rather long to acquire.
  • Lightning reflexes (10 ): Dodge 40 times the lightning attack launched by the Destroyer while hang gliding. If you suffer from the Destroyer's condition, immediately dodge so you don't fall to the ground.
  • Defeat the dragon (10 ): Defeat the dragon 10 times.
  • Crush the dragon (5 ): Defeat the Destroyer without it being able to take off. To do so, you must succeed in destroying its 2 defiance bars during the fight.
  • Destructive ambush (5 ): Use each weapon during combat (Hang Glider, Turret and Mortar). Aside from the turrets, the others can be used before the fight so as not to interfere with the boss's organization.
  • Fatal error (10 ): Before the fight, the Destroyer must land. Stand where it landed to earn this achievement. It is also doable during combat if you cannot destroy its defiance bar quickly enough.
  • Destructive escape (5 ): Do not be trapped in a crystal prison during combat. To succeed, you must stay at a distance, ideally in a siege weapon.
  • Crystal break (10 ): Free 40 players from Crystal Prisons. Use a ranged weapon to "tag" more prisons during combat.
  • Nurse! (10 ): Use Hang Glider or Mortar healing skills 50 times.
  • Rebel of the Crystal Healing (6 ): Destroy 20 healing crystals during your adventures against the Destroyer.

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