Elder Scrolls Online : Elsweyr – Chats VS Dragons !

Elsweyr is the latest expansion to MMORPG The Elder Scrolls, released June 4 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



First of all, to reassure everyone, that ESO is a game that emphasizes storytelling, this preview is guaranteed to be free from revelations about the main story of this expansion so as not to spoil the fun. I'm only going to talk about the reason that brings us to the area (roughly the synopsis), without revealing the rest!

Now let's go!

Elsweyr therefore brings us to ... Elsweyr, the land of the Khajiit which was invaded several years ago and which is undergoing numerous attacks from dragons and necromancers. History will therefore make us discover this kingdom, the history of its inhabitants, but also of necromancers and dragons. The main plot is really very interesting and reveals some secrets to us about several characters that we meet, even if we could hope to have more big revelations or twists. It's hard to say more without keeping my promise not to spoil it, so I'll leave the pleasure of discovery to you!



The area itself is well laid out. It seems, at first glance, smaller than those of the previous extensions, but in reality it is not, on the contrary. Having no "natural blockage" like large mountains that occupy part of the area, it is in fact larger in terms of the explorable and exploitable part.

As for all the other areas of the game, this one has its share of dungeons to do solo, its points of interest ... However, there are 2 public group dungeons here and not 1 as usual. The novelty in this area are the "anchors", those area events that offer great fights against dragons. These present elements and some specific attacks. Dragons (thus acting as an anchor) offer more challenge than what can be found in previous expansions. Unlike previous types of anchors, even being 20-30 players on it, you do not literally ride on the dragon and the anchor does not buckle in 2 minutes watch in hand.

On the visual side, the area is not content with just one biome, but several. It has a fairly large part which is rather "desert", but a tropical space is also available, as well as more "wooded" and marshy regions. As for all areas of the game, there are beautiful panoramas, sets, and all this is full of small details.

The expansion also offers a quest that requires searching and finding specific items. Here, in Elsweyr, you will have to discover fragments of a fresco in order to piece together a story. These fragments are scattered and hidden on the map of Elsweyr, both outdoors and indoors (solo dungeon, etc.).



Now let's move on to one of the main additions to the expansion, the new class: the necromancer, a class that allows you to use necrotic magic (oouuuaaah!). Like all classes, it is possible to play it in magic as well as in force, and in all roles (damage, tank and healing). It has three branches: Lord of the Tombs, Tyrant of Bones and Death Incarnate. Personally, I mainly tested a magic damage build, being a vampire.

My first impression is that you have to wait to improve the branches to really feel like you're playing a necromancer. At first, apart from a spell that makes a skeleton emerge from the ground and run to "kamikazer" an enemy, the spells and techniques are very reminiscent of a classic wizard. The necromancer takes full force as soon as you have access to necromancy, making these techniques essential. Summoning undead will be very useful, as will casting abilities when there are corpses nearby, which can make them more powerful.

The class is however very versatile and seems to be able to fulfill all roles without too much hassle or penalties. The class is suitable for both new and old players. However, beware: necromancy is very little appreciated in Nirm! Many spells will turn you into a criminal if you have the misfortune to use them in town, in front of NPCs or guards!


Elsweyr is a really good set that I personally liked the most in Summerset. The necromancer offers real good abilities and a new style of play, although you have to wait until you have built your skill branches high enough to unlock truly "necromantic" spells. Whether you are a solo player or in a group, the content will be suitable for everyone.

The extension remains on "sure values" in terms of content (group dungeon, public solo / group dungeon, "anchor", etc.), but manages to capture the player, whether through the main quest as through the side quests or the area itself.

As for the lifespan, the main story will occupy you about ten hours, but the rest of the area will easily occupy you several tens of hours (or even more).

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