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Let me introduce myself, Globulia, Master Alchemist. I offer you this little guide to alchemical recipes. This is not an explanatory guide, there are enough of them, it is more a practical and complete list of all the useful or less useful recipes that I have found (with screenshots). There are a good thirty, the vast majority are recipes increasing three attributes. I left out recipes that only increase one or two attributes found in more potent potions. I gathered the essentials to hurt, regenerate, hide, boost, detect or block. Enough to sweat those who believe that alchemy is useless outside of regeneration!

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Minor Regeneration Potion : Columbine + Cardamine des Pres + Lily of the Peaks


Major Regeneration Potion : Columbine + Lily of the Peaks + Noctuelle


Mage's Elixir of Strength : Columbine + Cornflower + Cardamine des Meadows


Elixirs Mage's Might : Blueberry + Cardamine of the Meadows + Water hyacinth Or Blueberry + Cardamine of the Meadows + Truffle of Namira

Mage's Elixir of Power : Columbine + Cardamine des Pres + Water hyacinth


Elixirs of Mage's Tenacity : Absinthe + Columbine + Noctuelle OR Columbine + Noctuelle + Namira Truffle


Mage Barrage Potion : Ancolie + Cardamine des Près + Truffle from Namira


Warrior's Barrage Potion : Absinthe + Ancolie + Epine-de-Dragon


Warrior's Elixir of Strength : Columbine + Blessed Thistle + Dragon Thorn


Elixirs of Warrior's Might : Absinthe + Blessed Thistle + Dragon Thorn Or Blessed Thistle + Dragon Thorn + Water Hyacinth


Elixir of Warrior Power : Dragon's thorn + Water hyacinth + Lily of the peaks


Elixirs of Warrior Tenacity : Absinthe + Ancolie + Lys des Cimes OR Ancolie + Lys des Cimes + Truffle de Namira


Shadow Response Potion : Entoloma + Water hyacinth + Namira truffle


Shadow Barrage Potion : Ancolie + Entoloma + Truffe de Namira


Elixir of Thief's Vivacity (Or Fallback Potion): Blessed Thistle + Entoloma + Namira Truffle


Assault Potion : Columbine + Blessed Thistle + Namira Truffle


Vigorous Assault Potion : Blessed Thistle + Dragon Thorn + Namira Truffle


Potion of Strength the scout : Absinthe + Cornflower + Cardamine des Meadows


Barrage Potion the scout : Absinthe + Columbine + Cornflower


Magic Resistance Potion : Cornflower + White Hat + Moth


Physical Resistance Potion : Blessed Thistle + Lily of the Peaks + Pied-de-Lutin


Superior Invisibility Potion : Entoloma + Nirnroot + Namira Truffle


Superior Immunization Potion : Absinthe + Columbine + Namira Truffle


Superior Weapon Criticism Potion : Absinthe + Epine-de-Dragon + Water hyacinth


Superior Spell Criticism Potion : Cardamine of the Meadows + Water hyacinth + Namira truffle


Critical Assault Potion : Cardamine des Près + Blessed Thistle + Namira Truffle OR Blessed Thistle + Water Hyacinth + Namira Truffle


Critical Detection Potion : Absinthe + Cornflower + Epine-de-Dragon OR Absinthe + Cornflower + Water hyacinth


Double Crit Potion : Absinthe + Water Hyacinth + Namira Truffle OR Absinthe + Meadowsweet + Water Hyacinth OR Meadowsweet + Dragon Thorn + Water Hyacinth

All of these recipes can be done without investing skill points in the "Serpent Blood" attribute. I haven't invested any myself. So I have no idea what impact it would have on these potions because, as you can see, on some the negative effects cancel each other out when they stack and often give higher positive effects. The "Snake Blood", by removing the penalties, could make certain recipes obsolete or, on the contrary, let's be crazy, make them more powerful (it could also not change anything at all, in which case it would be pure waste). I haven't risked finding out yet.

So if you are frugal, these recipes are for you! And if you've ever put points in this attribute, well you're one step ahead of me! But I think you will find your happiness here anyway.

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