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One of the characteristic features of the Altmers is certainly their golden skin which mainly dissociates them from their cousins ​​Bosmers, or Dunmers.

They consider themselves to be the most civilized race in Tamriel; the common language of the Empire, Tamriellian, moreover derives much of its origin from the Altmer language and writings, and most of the technical, esoteric and scientific knowledge of the empire of men is based on of the High Elves.

However, their behavior makes them very irritating to other races, especially human races.

Skillful and intelligent, they are endowed with strong will. Altmers are often versed in magic arts, and probably surpass the Bretons in this area; they easily claim that their "perfect" appearance and physical condition makes them much better off. disease resistant than other races they consider inferior.

Among the elves, "Altmer" means the "Great People" or "Cultivated People".
The High Elves descend from the Ehlnofeys, the first humanoids to have emerged on Nirn.

Legends claim that the Altmers are, like most elves, originally from the extinct continent of Aldmeris. The leaders of the High Elves in TESO's time descend from Direnni clan, who until the 5th century CE controlled all of western Tamriel.

Living today on theSummerset Archipelago (Summerset Island), they form with the Bosmers of Val-Boisé (Valenwood) and the Khajiits of Elseweyr the alliance of Aldmeri Estate.

The Altmers are related to the Ayléides, or High Elves of the Interior, who ruled Cyrodiil during the First Elven Empire, before the arrival of men, and who have now disappeared.
In the days of TESO, the Altmers are ruled by the queen Ayrenn.



The Altmers live in the Summerset Archipelago which mainly consists of the following islands:

- Alinor, the large main island (which will not be available at the launch of TESO) where the eponymous capital of the Altmers is located.

- Auridon, the elongated island directly east of Alinor.

- Artaeum, hidden island which would be located in the south-east of the archipelago and which is the hearth of the secret order of Psijics.



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