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Fed up with not remembering where the teleporters lead to Shal'Aran, the central questing area of ​​Suramar, I created a small map. You may find that useful! This can also help you identify the location of a possible teleporter that you are missing to unlock it.

Looking left to right, facing Chief Telemancer Oculeth.

  1. Fel Soul Bastion: Appears at the end of a bridge patrolling a mob. Be careful, he will come and annoy you.
  2. Falanaar: Rather safe teleporter but which spawns at the bottom of the temple. It will therefore be necessary to go up and pass through a lot of enemies for those who cannot pass in stealth.
  3. Moon Guard Bastion: There are friendly NPCs with an invincibility bubble right next to it which makes the area particularly safe.
  4. Lunastre Domain: no need to activate the disguise (Masquerade), the NPCs around the teleporter are friendly. However, you must not forget before leaving.
  5. Ruins of Elune'eth: This teleporter simply takes you over Shal'Aran to a quiet area. A good, rather central starting point which also has the merit of being right next to a flight point.
  6. Waning Moon: NPCs are friendly around, but don't forget to activate Masquerade before you go.
  7. Sanctum of the Order: This teleporter is not practical at all, unless you go to the instance here (Arcavia). Because otherwise you will have to go up, back up ... You might as well start from the ruins of Elune'eth.
  8. Tel'anor: There are quite a few enemies nearby, but the teleporter disembarks in a quiet little house to prepare.
  9. Twilight Vineyards: very practical, this teleporter takes you to the top of the gardens, in a safe area but with enemies not far away, so think about your Masquerade! You can access the entire upper part of the city from there, or quickly descend into the other districts if you have a parachute (or other) to descend alive.

There you go, you now know which teleporter to use. Clearly, if you want to go north, use 3 (Moon Guard Bastion) or 8 (Tel'Anor). If you want to go in the middle or towards the entrance of the area, prefer to start from 5, the Ruins of Elune'eth, it will go faster. To go all the way south, the 1 is perfect (Bastion Gangrâme).

Then, to walk around the city, the 4 (Domaine Lunastre) is perfect for the lower gardens, the 6 (Descending moon) for the upper floors and finally the 9 for the Vineyards on the other side.

Have a nice walk in Suramar!

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