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Let's take a look at the rest of the Q&A with this week's history of the world of Tamriel. Thanks to Kathlyn for the summary!

The team mainly answered questions about the universe and history of TESO:

  • the city of Lainlyn will be present in its earlier version: the port city of Alik'r. called Blessing of Tava. We will meet the Lainlyn family (who will give their name to the town) there.
  • We can meet the harpies in the desert.
  • the city of Orsinium has been returned to the Orcs of Wrothgar who are attempting to rebuild the city. The southern part of the region is under the sway of King Kurog of Orsinium. When in the north, it is protected by dozens of fortresses.
  • The Crevassais will not be a playable race but we will see them in various regions: Hammerfell, High Rock, Skyrim, Cyrodiil.
  • The Perjurers, a faction of the Crevassais in the Fourth Era, will not appear under this name. But the Crevassais of the TESO era look like them.
  • The question on the possibility of entering the Adamantine Tower (also called the Direnni Tower) remains unanswered.
  • the selection and accession of a new Big Mane will be addressed in quests.

Two questions then address the Orcs and the team tells us that the Orcs have settled all over northern Tamriel. They remain relatively neutral in the face of Men / Elves conflicts. The Orcs of Wrothgar, who are part of the Daggerfall Alliance, are more active, eager to build a nation. They hope to profit from this alliance.

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