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A video published by the studios shows in 09:28 everything there is to know about the basics of the game. In addition to the magnificent landscapes (there is no denying, the quality of the graphics has greatly improved since the first game images) members of the development team, Matt Firor (Game Director), Paul Sage (Creative Director), Jared Carr (Art Director), Nick Konkle (Lead Gameplay Designer), Rich Lambert (Lead Content Designer) and Brian Wheeler (Lead PvP Designer) discuss what makes the game so special:

Here is a summary of the information given:

  • Elder Scrolls Online says it all: an Elder Scrolls game in an environment online !
  • The game takes place 1000 years ago solo games, allowing you to tap into legends
  • The graphics are in the tradition of solo games
  • All Tamriel visit
  • A demonstration of combat system allows you to see the aiming system in action, left click to attack, left click to charge, right button to parry (for that, you have to watch the video)
  • The character can sprint, crouch and move stealthily. Who is swimming?
  • Technology server allows you to display several hundred characters on the screen simultaneously. Technology "Megaserver"allows all the players to be in contact, the" phases "are created according to the affinities of each one (friends, guild ...).
  • La character creation allows you to create very different characters. We choose among the 9 classes and the 3 races of each of the 3 factions.
  • La personalization continues with equipped / chosen / completed weapons / armor / skills / quests. There are many sets of armor, from the Elder Scrolls legends.
  • All classes are accessible with all races. Likewise, weapons and armor are usable by everyone.
  • The assets are ultimate powers allowing for example to become a werewolf, a vampire or to have a companion.
  • You can increase your stamina, magic, or health.
  • La cooperation is encouraged: everyone receives an equal share of the rewards for challenges won together.
  • The quests are exploration-oriented, the compass indicates areas of interest and places to explore.
  • Many places are phased and will change based on your actions.
  • One time 50 level, it is possible to do PvP in Cyrodiil, go to an adventure zone, participate in raids ...
  • Le PvP (from level 10) focuses on defending and attacking structures Cyrodiil, the imperial city, using siege machines, the ultimate goal being to be crowned emperor.

And the good news is that more videos will come back to each of the points mentioned here! If you want to know everything about TESO, feel free to visit the summary page.

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