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Let's take stock of weapons and what they bring! There are currently 6 types of weapons:

  • Two-handed weapon : Physical melee DPS. This weapon is a safe bet, having an area hit (Cleaver) from rank 2, a charge (Critical charge) at rank 4 and a knockdown (Uppercut) at rank 14.
  • A hand and a shield : tank. The first blows will make it possible to provoke the target (Perforation) and to slow it down (Low blow). It will take longer to stun (Strong Shield Bash) only at rank 38 and charge (Shield Charge) at rank 20.
  • Two weapons : Physical melee DPS. This weapon is mainly damage-oriented, on several targets from rank 14 (Whirlwind). On the other hand, be prepared to have to run because there is no load. At rank 38, we obtain a ranged attack (hidden blade).
  • Arc : Distance physical DPS. This weapon inflicts poison damage (Venomous Arrow) at rank 2 and area damage from rank 4 (Scorched Earth). At rank 14, we finally obtain an ability to repel enemies (Group fire) then at rank 20 to slow it down (Scattered arrows).
  • Staff of destruction : DPS magic distance. Depending on the element, the mage will be able from rank 2 to freeze, push back or disorientate his target (Destructive Touch). The effect can be reapplied with the spell of rank 14 (Wave of force) and rank 38 (impulse). Area damage is provided from rank 4 (Elemental Wall).
  • Recovery stick : healer. From rank 2, you can heal area (Generalized Healing) then 2 allies (Regeneration) at rank 4. Healing will in addition increase armor and resistance to spells (Blessing of protection) then place a shield (Unwavering Defense) ). The last spell allows you to mark a target that will restore life to the attacking allies (Force Siphon).

Even if there are more varieties in the facts, all the weapons will always be related to these only 6 skill lines. As you know, the class does not define the weapon (or armor) carried. So you can try your hand at batting even if you create a Lamenoire.

Which weapon to take?

  • Think about which weapon you plan to use in PvE first, as you will only be able to enter PvP at level 10.
  • at level 15 you will get your secondary weapon. You can dedicate it to PvP.
  • it is important to have a melee weapon and a ranged weapon to be able to face all situations, both in PvE and PvP.
  • at the moment, melee weapons are more effective in PvE, ranged weapons are more effective in PvP.

Where to place your skill points?

This is a big question and there is no simple answer. There are so many trees and possibilities that it really depends on what you want to do. Once you have your primary spells from the weapon you are using, passives are always a good investment. They do not take up space in the hotbar and increase the effectiveness of the character.

Everything is to be put into perspective. It is possible to use all weapons, and the only limitations are the skill points to invest. Do not hesitate to experiment to see which weapon you like the most before investing! And at worst, it's always possible to reallocate your skill points.


Do not hesitate to share with our your choices!

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