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We had the opportunity to test TESO under exclusive press access allowing us to publish a preview of the beta up to level 15. The NDA remains in place, except for authorized sites.

During the beta press, we had the opportunity to test the famous "guild store" offered by TESO ... Although this functionality may not be finalized and could still change before the release. We present here the current functioning of what is intended to replace the usual Auction Houses.


Access the Guild Store

First of all, in order to have a "guild shop", the latter must have a prerequisite, namely, have 50 members recorded.

As a reminder, the guild bank is unlocked when a guild reaches 10 members (player accounts, not characters), and normally the maximum limit for a guild would be 200 registered members.

The Guild Shop is accessible from bankers classic, the same ones that give you access to your personal bank or your guild bank.

The quartermasters in forts or their resources in Cyrodiil also allow you and your entire Alliance to buy or sell in your Guild Shop if your guild owns that resource (Fort, Sawmill, Mine, or Farm).

The Guild Store window has three tabs: Search (to buy), Sell, and Sales History.


Buy from the Guild Store

When viewing the Guild Store, you will see a search window to select a criteria filter:

  • What type of object are you looking for? All, Weapons, Clothing, Soul Glyphs and Gems, Crafting Materials, Food or Potions, Others
  • What are the minimum and maximum prices sought? (fields are not mandatory)
  • What are the minimum and maximum levels sought? (fields are not mandatory)
  • What is the desired quality? Normal, Refined, Superior, Artifact, Legendary

Once your criteria have been chosen, or if you leave the default criteria (All), press "R" to display the results of your search and in the middle window all the items for sale corresponding to the criteria will appear as well as the seller and the purchase price.

When you make the purchase, you do not directly get the item in inventory, you receive it through the system of internal game mail. This allows, among other things, to buy for other characters in your account since mail is common to all characters from the same account.


Selling in the Guild Store

Each guild member can put up for sale up to 30 objects maximum (per account) . When you go to the sell tab, you have access to all of your inventory. Go to the item you want to sell and press E, this will open a light blue menu on the left.

In this menu, you define the sale price that will appear for buyers, but be careful, you must take into account that for this sale price, you must subtract 15% of the price for "listing costs" (taken in all cases), and 10% more for the commission the guild receives on each sale (a kind of VAT, which is only deducted if the object is sold). So selling anything and everything is not really an option since it costs money, to sell ...

Once the item has been sold, you will be able to see the information in your sales history (third tab), and you will receive your payment by internal mail (via any of your characters).

The question I still ask myself is ... where does the 10% commission for the guild go? I did not have the opportunity to test it personally and the repayment is, it seems, not immediate (neither to the officers nor to the Guild Master) ...


The hypotheses are open, but we can imagine that the guild leaders receive an in-game mail with the sum of the commissions generated every 24 hours or every week for example ... Unless this commission is quite simply recovered by the game in order to regulate the amount of gold in the market. We will have to wait to find out.

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