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As with all skill trees, skills may change before the game is released and therefore the tables are only indicative, they are subject to change.

Translations of skill names are not official and will be updated once their final names are known.

Dragon Knight

Specialized in fire and dragon magic, dragon knights make excellent offensive warriors but also good spellcasters.

  • Burning Flame
  • Draconic Power
  • Volcano Heart

These skills are more focused on fire magic

The ancestral techniques of the Akavir Dragons Guards provide all an offensive but also defensive paraphernalia related to the dragons

Drawing on the power of the earth, the dragon knight can gain additional defenses and aid his allies.


Specialized in aedric magic and healing, a Templar can just as easily be a melee fighter using light magic as a distant spellcaster or pure healer.

  • Lance Aedrique
  • Wrath of Dawn
  • Light of Restoration

The Templar has a set of magic spears for close or ranged combat

A whole range of aedric light magic spells allowing the templar to be an offensive caster just like a wizard for example

This tree gathers the healing and support skills of the Templar


Specialized in black magic, summons, and lightning wizards are very versatile. Being able to be war mages in contact with lightning spells, they can also be distant spellcasters using pets or harmful effects on enemies.

  • Black magic
  • Invocation Daedrique
  • Storm Conjuration

The spells of this tree specialize in crowd control and weakening enemies

A wizard will be able to choose to specialize in summoning daedra and have a class-to-familiar playstyle.

A whole panoply of offensive spells around the element of lightning


The Lamenoire is a sneaky, specialized in shadows but also assassination and power drains, he will play a role of assassin or sneaky warrior but can also serve as a support to weaken targets allowing his allies to get through it faster.

  • Assassination
  • Marchombre
  • Corruption

Specializing in sneak attacks and quick and precise damage, this tree allows the Lamenoire to embody a perfect assassin.

The Lamenoire is an expert in shadows and stealth beyond the mere mortal. This tree's skills grant it specialties and attacks on the theme of invisibility and the dark world.

The Lamenoire has a number of skills that allow it to siphon off the powers and forces of its enemies for its own sake or that of its allies, making it fit to play a supporting role.

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