ESO - Design: Black anchors

But what are the Black anchors, these elements whose very name inspires fear? These are great devices created by Prince Daedra Molag Bal to open a path between Tamriel and Oblivion, in order to bring his army to Tamriel and lure it towards annihilation. These Anchors appear all over the world and offer challenges for small groups.

Once anchored in Tamriel, the Anchor pours waves of Daedra that must be slain in collaboration with other players. Each encounter offers different challenges, impossible to predict, which can lead us to face special bosses, randomly generated, generals even from Molag Bal! It's all well and good to save the world, but we still like to have a little something. Fortunately, some interesting rewards are planned: progression in the warriors' guild, successes, special cosmetic equipment ...

During the creation process, they initially designed Anchors that were much smaller, but they weren't impressive enough. They should be visible from afar and inspire fear. It's still Molag Bal the creator! The sound added an end-of-the-world dimension, mixing the metallic sound of heavy strings with muted tubas and freight trains. Not to mention the sneering voice of Molag Bal himself (voiced by Paul Borne, the spanish voice of Laurence Fishburne).

In conclusion, a video to see this in action:


So, can't wait to exterminate Daedra and drive them back to Oblivion?

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