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Zenimax has taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about open world PvP.

Here is a summary of the responses provided by the team:

  1. You must reach level 10 to be able to enter Cyrodiil. Once this level is reached, you must press "L" and choose your campaign in the third tab of the window. It is possible to choose a main campaign or a guest campaign.
  2. Guest campaigns allow you to play in a campaign other than the main one to reach your friends, for example.
  3. A main or guest campaign is chosen for a period of 24 hours. You can change it every 12 hours but it will cost you 15.000 alliance points.
  4. If a campaign has a lock, it means its population is near its maximum. You can still join her, but you might find yourself in a queue.
  5. If you are part of a group and the group is in a campaign, you will be able to join them, even if the campaign is full.
  6. To earn Alliance Points, you must complete quests, kill other players, heal other players, or storm enemy positions. The same goes for experience, with the added bonus of experience for exploring caverns.
  7. There are 50 PvP ranks, 25 Rank One and 25 Rank 2. For each PvP rank reached, you gain a skill point. Every 2 ranks you earn a title. Some materials sold by NPCs also have a grade requirement.
  8. All the catchable points work with a bonus pot system. Whenever players die near this point, the bonus increases. When the point is captured, the attackers receive the alliance points contained in this bonus. On the contrary, if the point is defended, it is the defenders who will receive this bonus.
  9. At the end of a campaign, only the scores and ranks are reset, not the fortresses and resources statuses. Depending on your ranking and the level of rewards you have obtained, you will receive gold, and maybe other rewards.
  10. An emperor can be elected by an alliance as soon as it controls the six fortresses around the imperial city. This can happen several times a day!
  11. Cyrodiil will be modified at the same time as the game. Modifications are already planned for the next patches.
  12. To leave Cyrodiil, you must join the oratory in the city where your alliance starts, which will allow you to reach any oratory you find in the world. It is imperative to use an oratory to get out of Cyrodiil.


Small precision Games Managers: the Addon ZrMiniMap causes bugs in Cyrodiil when you want to teleport from castle to castle, so it is sometimes necessary to deactivate it on these occasions.

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