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Following the announcement of the change in economic model, Zenimax has decided to broadcast a somewhat special ESO Live totally dedicated to Tamriel Unlimited, the new system that will be implemented on March 17th.


When switching to B2P, the game will have an in-game store. The store will primarily sell cosmetic items such as armor skins, mounts, pets, and various potions-type items. Here's a look at what has already been presented:

  • Handicrafts costumes.
    • Cook.
    • Black-smith.
  • Costumes related to different types of armor.
    • Light Armor.
    • Intermediate weave.
    • Heavy armor.
  • State costumes.
    • Costume of "king's jester"
    • Wedding dress.
  • Costume packs.
    • Tribal Shaman armor.
    • Archer armor.
    • Knight's armor.
    • Thief armor.
  • Polymorphic potions, allowing you to change the character's entire appearance.
    • Draugr Polymorphic Potion.
  • Passive familiars.
    • Dog.
    • Baby Guar.
    • Panther.
  • Mounts.
    • Several types of horses.
    • Guar.

It will also be possible to purchase various types of potions such as health, magic and stamina potions. These potions will be more powerful than those obtained from the merchants and on the corpses of the monsters, but will be weaker than the potions made by the craftsmen.

The store will be regularly updated in various ways. Major updates related to the releases of each DLC as well as more disparate updates. We will also regularly see promotions of exclusive items purchasable for a limited time.


Coming content

The new content will be released as DLC that will need to be purchased (prices are still unknown). Players with the ESO Plus subscription will automatically have access to DLC as long as the subscription is active. If the latter is stopped, players will have to purchase the DLC to have access to it again. The new areas will be accessible to all players, whatever the level (without further information for the moment). Orsinium is slated for release before the summer and will be the very first DLC. Several other areas are already in development:

  • The kingdom of Mephala: it is the kingdom of the princess Daedrique Mephala nicknamed The Weaver. The kingdom of Mephala is mainly populated by Daedra Spiders.
  • Wrothgar: The Wrothgar Mountains are home to Nulfaga Castle, Queen Mother of Daggerfall.
  • Clock City: Clock City is also known as Sotha Sil, located south of the Morrowind Marshes.
  • Abah landing stage. (translation to be confirmed)


 Bulk information

  • The console version is nearing the end of development. Several mechanisms specific to console players have been specially developed to make the experience more enjoyable, in particular by incorporating the voice function that can be used for each chat channel (Zone, Guild, Group, Whisper, etc.).
  • Those with the ESOPlus subscription will have access to a special storage system for costumes and pets.
  • The game sees its classification changed and now goes to PEGI 18.
  • Both the PS + subscription for Playstation and the Gold subscription for Xbox are now mandatory.
  • Items purchased with crowns will be unsaleable and cannot be traded with other players.
  • The collector's version of the game will still be available for purchase.
  • Loyalty rewards for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months will have new rewards.
  • The loyalty reward for the 12 months will be very prestigious and should properly reward the players who have supported the game to date.
  • All versions of the current game will automatically convert to Tamriel Unlimited, without distinction.
  • PC players will be able to transfer their characters to the Console version under certain conditions (without further information on these).
  • Mounts purchased with Crowns will not have any additional stats or options compared to those purchased in-game via Gold.
  • A redesign of the mount system will see the light of day very soon.
  • Gameplay updates (justice system, champion, etc.) will be free.
  • All items purchased in the store will be usable by all characters on the account as long as they are on the same server as the character who purchased the item.


Further information

Friday, January 23, a new video with the developers was released and several questions asked by the community were answered.

  • No weapon or armor with stats will be sold in the Crown Store.
  • The update from the Normal Edition to the Imperial Edition will be done via the Crown Store from March 17th.
  • Experience gains and item drop rates will not change when changing the business model.
  • The drop rate for items sold in the store that are also obtained in-game will not be changed.
  • Console and PC players will play on separate servers.
  • Spell creation is still in development.
  • The Thieves Guild and Assassin's Guild will be released in DLC.
  • A Beta console version will be available soon.
  • It will be possible to play keyboard and mouse on console. It will suffice to connect these peripherals before launching the game.
  • Barbers (allowing to reshape its appearance) are under consideration.
  • Items obtained in DLC zones can be sold to players who do not have them and will also be usable by them.
  • Housing is not in development, but is high on the priority list.
  • The possibility of dyeing the costumes (found in-game or purchased with crowns) is being explored. Additionally, the team is investigating the possibility of using a costume and a tabard at the same time. (currently both use the same location)
  • Version 1.6 will go live on the PTS next week. (January 26-30)


Updated January 24, 2015.

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