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The faction of the Daggerfall Covenant (Daggerfall Covenant), represented by a lion, has just been revealed and we learn more about the native region of the Bretons, Orcs and Redguards ...

There has always been a lot of friction between the Redguards and the Bretons, with little wars between them, here and there. But it is a rather peaceful area. The Bretons have given the Orcs a share of their land and the races appreciate and respect each other. This faction is the most democratic. 


  • Bretons
  • Orcs
  • Redguards

The Bretons are the descendants of humans living in High Rock. They are of medium height, with blond hair and fine features. Bretons are particularly intelligent, strong-willed and sociable. They gain in spellcasting what they lose in physical skills.

Orcs are sometimes referred to as Orsimer. This breed of beast warriors hails from the Orsinium area, a region of High Rock, between the kingdoms of Menevia and Wayrest. Orcs are incredibly courageous and often feared. Orcish armor is prized for its qualities.

The Redguards call Hammerfell their home, but they love to travel and attempt adventure on the great sea. Quick and agile, they are often talented warriors, carrying swords and shields. They are known for their sturdy build and speed, making them quality scouts. 



  • High Rock
  • Hammerfell

This region lies northwest of Tamriel, sharing a border with Hammerfell and Skyrim to the east. Very fertile, the weather is pleasant. Two peoples live together here: the Bretons and the Orcs. Daggerfall (Elder Scrolls II) is the oldest city in this region but also its capital.

This arid region, mainly composed of deserts, mountains and meadows is inhabited by the Redguards. On the coasts, there are large commercial cities while the interior is very sparsely populated, with only a few isolated farms and animals.

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