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Recently released Morrowind, a welcome addition of content if you fancy leveling up in The Elder Scrolls Online. The best places in this expansion are in Vvardenfell, an area filled with enemies just waiting to help you grow more powerful.


Best farming place in Vvardenfell

The best place is without a doubt the public dungeon of the Landes Oubliés. It is located in the northern part of the Vvardenfell region, west of the Valley of the Winds Oratory.

Once inside, follow the path south from the entrance. Go through the door leading to Kora Dur. When you find yourself in the next area, head to the northern part that leads to the Kogoruhn Caves. You will also find in this area a Celestial Shard and two bosses necessary for the Conqueror achievement.

Once in the Kogoruhn caves, go to the lower level, this is the most interesting place. There are four groups of enemies there, plus two more on the balcony to the south. With these six groups, you can easily gain a lot of experience and hardly ever stop because the first group should respawn when the sixth dies.

Each group gives between 300 and 2000 experience, giving around 1800 to 5000 experience points per minute (the time taken to kill all 6 groups). Plus, they can drop Recipe Shards, and there are bosses nearby that drop some pretty cool loot. Not to mention all the items recoverable directly in the dungeon in bags and other containers that reappear regularly.

However, don't go if you don't have the ability to deal sufficient area damage (no area spells or insufficient equipment). It is also not very profitable to stay if too many people are already in the area, enemies will fall too quickly and not respawn enough.

If you're wondering, Morrowind's second dungeon, Nchuleftinght's Approach, isn't as profitable in terms of experience. However, it has the advantage of being less used ... Suddenly, at peak times, it can become potentially interesting to go there. Up to you !


Do you have a favorite place to level up quickly in Elder Scrolls Online?

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