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As we expected, the last few weeks have been dedicated to the Alliance War. We got a glimpse of the Emperor's armor, Cyrodiil Fortresses, and answers to many questions (Elite Jerks and JeuxOnline). In order to conclude as it should all these revelations, a long article on the official site gives some new answers and takes again questions already addressed. Summary !

Area and movements

  • Cyrodiil is a very large area (at least 30 minutes north to south on foot) and dangerous.
  • There is a bottleneck between each of the three territories of Cyrodiil.
  • It is possible to see the travel networks of each Alliance on the map.
  • A capacity temporarily increases the movement speed of the group.

  • Le cheval is a quick way to get around.
  • Des fast lanes are available from forts our Alliance controls, in order to quickly reach the front lines.



  • It is possible to attack at any time.
  • Taking control of an undefended fortress takes around 15 minutes, with a ram and 3 groups of players.
  • A fortress is still defended by guards non-players.
  • Each resource improves a specific point:
    • farm = guard (improved skills)
    • enamel = wall (hit points)
    • sawmill = door (hit points)
  • These resources are relatives (less than 60 seconds on foot) from the fortresses.
  • When losing a resource, the loss of the advantage is progressive.
  • Des bonus are granted to alliances controlling fortresses.
  • It is possible to block teleportation points in :
    • capturing the fort.
    • capturing all 3 resources around.
    • damaging the fort.

Siege weapons

  • They can be deployed anywhere in flat terrain.
  • We cannot place rams in a fortress our Alliance controls.
  • When deploying, a red circle indicates that there is not enough room.
  • Most can target whatever, with more or less efficiency.
  • Le Aries can only attack one doors.
  • The encampments allow allies to resurrect.
  • The trebuchets are effective against walls.
  • The triggerfish are useful for destroying other siege weapons.
  • The catapults are effective for covering a large area, damage to property or enemies.
  • L'flaming oil is used by the defenders primarily to stop the action of the ram on its doors.


  • There are 50 PvP levels.
  • There is 25 securities et grids.
  • We earn more Alliance points by killing characters high in the hierarchy.
  • We do not gain less by killing players of lower ranks.
  • All characters have their chance in Cyrodiil.
  • The duels also have their place in the area.
  • The stealth characters can spy and murder in all 5 cities, at the terminus of transport lines or at bottlenecks between alliances.


  • It is possible to activate or not thename display for oneself, its allies and its enemies.
  • Le grade of an enemy player is symbolized next to their name.
  • It is possible to display up to 23 other players belonging to his raid group (of 24 players).


  • Le change of weapon is very fast but not instantaneous.
  • It is possible to change weapons at level 15.
  • Des disguises do not grant any benefit.
  • Any interaction with a Scroll of the Ancients is publicly announced. The bearer of a Scroll is visible on the card.
  • One player stays emperor as long as his alliance controls at least one of the six fortresses surrounding the Imperial City.
  • If the emperor changes campaign, he loses the Throne.
  • The raiding groups are 24 players.
  • Assignment to a campaign is automatic when creating the character.
  • You can reach Cyrodiil at 10 level.
  • The Waiting lines may appear to ensure a balance between alliances.
  • It is possible to join a other campaign by invitation, via a friend or via a player in his group.
  • Its original campaign can be modified but in a limited way.
  • After one disconnection, the character has a little time to reconnect and join his friends.


There you have it, you know everything! We rest a few days and we find ourselves at the resumption of activities at the beginning of January for this great year 2014 for TESO!

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