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Kuat Shipyards is the new Flashpoint introduced with Patch 2.6. It inaugurates a new type of instance, tactical contentious zones, which allow grouping without distinction of level or role. In other words, a group search greatly facilitated, because you can group people from level 15 to 54, then 55, whatever your role.

The Chantiers also have another particularity, which is that it is not built on a classic outline of a story with a linear path. It is based in fact on two random scenarios, among five possible, and a final fight against a boss, which is chosen among three in each faction, including a common one.

To access this hot spot, you can go to the new zone on your faction fleet or directly use the group search, via the "Tactical hot spot" tab.

You can find the successes associated with this hot spot in this article.

I would just like to thank the friends who helped me with some scenarios or bosses: SparkkSorik et Drizzt and pick-ups as and when I wander, but I forgot the nicknames, sorry?




  • Elite defenders
  • Scenarios
    • Cannons
    • Arsenal central
    • Hangar bay
    • cells
    • Assembly line
  • Boss
    • Lieutenant Krupp / Major Benes
    • Lord Modo / Master Khoris
    • Guardian of Station One



Elite defenders

Each scenario has an elite defender, which you will have to beat to complete a bonus mission. These defenders are champion enemies, who appear randomly in the area, and can drop reputation tokens, even a KDY Building Kit, useful for buying certain items from the reputation vendor.

  • Len'na the Tracker
  • Droïde BN-55
  • Johun the Hunter
  • the handcar
  • AX-871

266125 Health / / Average Reputation


179445 Health / Small Reputation

258345 Health / Average Reputation

258345 Health / Average Reputation

258345 Health / Average Reputation



The first step in this scenario will be to shut down the generators that set up the magnetic field that is blocking our way.

On each side are therefore the generators, which must be deactivated.

Once done, all you have to do is collect a few grenades in a crate.

Grenades will allow you to destroy cannon control consoles.


Arsenal central

This scenario asks you to undermine the arsenal of construction sites. To do this, you will need to destroy a few small things, as well as a Guardian Droid.

Destroy ammunition reserves: 0/3

Destroy warheads: 0/3

Destroy bombs and rockets: 0/3

Destroy Missile Reserves: 0/3

Destroy Prototype Station Guardian: 0/3
155945 PV


Hangar bay

This scenario will initially consist of several waves of enemies that will have to be defeated to defend the hangar.

A wave awaits you in the middle of the hangar, then two on each side, then another one that lands in the middle.

Once all your enemies are eliminated, go upstairs, taking the stairs to the southwest.

Once at the top, you are greeted by two Jedi masters or Sith Elites as well as a Strong soldier, whom you will have to fight to gain access to the console.

Then all you have to do is get to the elevator for your next goal.



In this scenario, you will have to help prisoners escape. The first step asks you to find a way to open the exterior doors. To do this, activate the two safety power panels in the main room.

Then activate the console in the middle. You can now access the cells from either side. Clear your way, then activate the security console at the entrance to the area, which will unlock the cells.

All you have to do is clean the area to open the cells quietly.

And then we start over on the other side.

Once the ten prisoners are released, all you have to do is take the elevator to the next scenario.

Little tip of Sparkk : to achieve the success "We do not abandon anyone":

It is enough simply to empty the two rooms of the enemies which can be there, then to free all the prisoners. Thus, they do not risk being eliminated by the enemies, and you will therefore have plenty of time to bring them to the elevator to the next scenario.


Assembly line

The goal in this scenario will be to put the box in the assembly line to be able to move forward. In the main room, you can see a console, which offers you several choices:

No choice is available for the moment, and for good reason, it will be necessary to find the access codes, scattered in the area. Their precise location may change, but they are still found in the three rooms to the north.

Once you have the codes in your possession, you can now unlock the three assembly stations on the main console. This will activate the three consoles on the sides.

It will now be necessary to correctly assemble the ship. Otherwise, you will have to fight six elite enemies on your way for the sequel. Each console you've unlocked has three options that you can choose to install on the ship. Knowing that there is only one "good" choice per console. To help you, you can find clues in the room, especially on the table of the first code, near the main console. There are several "sets" of clues, just follow what is written, and you should find the solution easily.

Once you have made your choices, click on the main console and "Run the automatic assembly task". If you have followed the given clues correctly, the ship will successfully wipe the test battery, leaving you free to continue.

Otherwise, you will have to face small robots to access the next scenario.


Solutions (there are a priori several sets, I would add the solutions as and when I find out): 

  • 1 September
  • 2 September



  • Long Range Scout Pack
  • Quick recharge pack
  • Prototype "Infiltrator" pack


  • Primary: LCL-1 Merr-Sonn Laser / Secondary: None
  • Main: Laser HMC-15BlasTech / Secondary: Prototype launcher v.4
  • Primary: Heavy Laser Prototype v.6 / Secondary: Thermite Torpedoes


  • STAR-94 Vokoff-Strood
  • Celestial Industries Dynamo
  • Czerka K-57CE


  • Long Range Scout Pack?
  • Fast recharge pack?
  • Prototype "Infiltrator" pack


  • Primary: LCL-1 Merr-Sonn Laser / Secondary: None
  • Main: Laser HMC-15BlasTech / Secondary: Prototype launcher v.4
  • Primary: Heavy Laser Prototype v.6 / Secondary: Thermite Torpedoes


  • STAR-94 Vokoff-Strood ?
  • Celestial Industries Dynamo
  • Czerka's K-57CE?

It seems that the clues given for this set are not enough to have the right combination of components.



Lieutenant Krupp / Major Benes

351900 PV

The two bosses are mirrors, they have the same attacks.

The boss's attacks are few, he just has three:

  • Handful of Grenades1
  • Volley of mortar
  • Call for reinforcements

It throws grenades on the fly, sticking on party members, and dealing damage to them while knocking them down.

It is possible to get rid of these grenades by activating the demagnetization devices on either side of the room. When using it, the grenades fall to the ground, in a red area of ​​effect that must be avoided.

It is far from compulsory to go through the station, the grenades don't hurt that much, they are just annoying because they cut the spells while stunning.

A classic damage zone, the same as a Commando or a Mercenary. Just avoid the yellow area.

The boss will call in three reinforcements, of 9k HP each, which you can easily eliminate with area damage.


Lord Modo / Master Khoris

781218 PV

The two bosses are mirrors, they have the same attacks.

This boss's main attack, which he casts regularly, is Force Distortion, which places multiple areas of damage on the ground, at the feet of party members. These areas are relatively dangerous, dealing damage and stunning if you stay in them for too long.

His other two attacks are Force Shockwave, which knocks opponents back, and Arc Lunge, a damage cone that also throws back.



Guardian of Station One

457470 PV

This robot has several attacks which can be quite harsh if you are not careful.

First and foremost, he regularly calls droids to the rescue:

      • Support Activation: Small droids appear, causing him to increase his charge gauge. Once its gauge reaches 100, it swings a cone attack (Full Charge Burst) that deals serious damage if you are in it.
      • Suppression Activation: More small droids appear, but these attack you directly.

The best solution, I think, is to deal with the droids as soon as they arrive, to avoid being overwhelmed by their numbers and having the boss launch their special attack too often.

The boss also has another cone attack, which he launches more regularly, but easily avoidable. Also watch out for the blue areas on the ground, which, if they don't damage you directly, slow you down considerably.

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