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Again, answers to some miscellaneous questions have been given on the official TESO website.

We especially learn more about history and traditions:

  • un elf 200 years old is old, a 300 year old elf is very, very old.
  • l'slavery is illegal in most civilized fields. It is however still suffered by the Khajiit, in Morrowind and in certain barbarian tribes (the clans of the Rift).
  • Almalexia takes care of the day-to-day business of Court, while Vivec and Sotha Sil are busy elsewhere.
  • no dragon child, the cries (thu'ums) belong to the legends.
  • we will find Ayleid ruins in Cyrodiil but also in other provinces mainly in the wooded valley. However, you won't find them in Skyrim, Morrowind and the Summerset Archipelago.
  • there are Books related to the history of the game, both new and popular from previous games (The Argonian Maid)

As well as some details on the mechanics of the game:

  • les armor are related to races or from previous games (Daedrics, Ayleids, Dwemer). They directly influence the style and play and are divided into three categories:
    • light: magicians (at the expense of protection)
    • intermediate: Stamina users
    • heavy: to stay alive and survive on the front line
  • allow 1 or 2 minutes to go from one away to another in PvP (mounted and in their own territory). It is possible to join or leave a fort via a supply line (or fast travel) if the fort is not attacked and you have an adjacent resource.
  • les puzzles are an important part of the game
Finally, the most relevant information from the Q&A concerns the crowd controls :
  • a skill, immovable, heavy armor, sacrifices stamina for 8 seconds immunity to the effects stunned, knocked back, or stuns.
  • a skill accessible to all (via the click of the two mouse buttons) makes it possible to be immune for 8 seconds to crowd control against a large amount of stamina
  • a specific ability for large-scale PvP encounters to suppress harmful effects
 If you have further questions, please send them to the email provided for this purpose:

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