ESO - LOVE: Pot-pourri # 8

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Let's continue the questions on a bit of everything about The Elder Scrolls Online in this new installment of the now traditional ask us your questions.

Here is what we can learn from these answers:

  • we will have a great diversity ofappearance weapons and armor. In particular, we will have 9 racial influences (with different materials, levels and colors).
  • wildlife is present.
  • skin and leather can be extracted from the wild animals.
  • it is possible to create several characters.
  • one can wear disparate pieces of armor of different types.
  • les armor sets are activated from 3 corresponding elements.
  • passive armor bonuses are greatest when wearing such armor pieces.
  • we will wear masks and hoods.
  • les soul stones are needed to resuscitate fallen allies.
  • Soulstones recharge on enemy monsters or players.
  • it is possible to buy full soul stones from merchants.
  • l'invocation will be viable in both PvE and PvP.
  • there is a disguise system in-game allowing you to change your appearance, with items or spells.
  • it is not possible to participate in the same campaigns with two characters from a different faction.
  • after launch, campaigns with special characteristics (level) will be offered.

The main information concerns veteran points. These points are similar to experience and allow you to move up ranks. They are obtained by completing in-game tasks (PvP or PvE) and allow you to increase your character's power by granting him stats, allowing him to use superior equipment and gaining new skills. Veteran points continue to be earned when leveled up, a good way to continue to level up your character even if Veteran ranks are less powerful than normal levels.

I can't wait to learn more about it!

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