ESO - LOVE: Pot-pourri # 7

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We do not stop a winning team and we pick up the pace with general questions / answers, even if we learn more mainly about the Alliance Wars and Cyrodiil.


Here is the information to remember:

  • in Alliance War, camps can temporarily ally themselves.
  • Shadowscales will be in the region of the Black Marsh called Shadowfury.
  • you will need to belong to a guide to use her store.
  • it will be possible to set your own prices only if you have permission through the guild master.
  • Achievements will be given at the end of storylines or after completing all the quests in a zone.
  • nothing is decided yet for the titles.
  • no matter the situation, access to Cyrodiil is always possible through secure areas.
  • the emperor is dethroned when his Alliance loses all the forts necessary for the coronation.
  • the whole Alliance benefits from the power of the Emperor.
  • when an Emperor is to be dethroned, the player will be dethroned on his first death, disconnection or zone change.
  • Magic Light will work as an aura around the player and grant bonus spellcasting.
  • the most widely spoken language in Tamriel is Cyrodiil, the game's localization job is to translate the words from cyrodiilic to spanish (and others).
  • Daggerfall / Daguefilante and Summerset Isles / Summerset Archipelago are the same places.
  • areas of potential minor conflict in Cyrodiil will be Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Bruma, Gué-les-champs or Vlastarus.
  • a population limit will be put in place to prevent a faction from colonizing a campaign.
  • the points will be more important by capturing strengths of the majority alliance and keeping them.
  • it is possible to capture a fort with a fairly small group.
  • There are incentives for alliances that harvest fewer resources or forts
  • the victorious alliance is penalized if the score is too unbalanced.
  • there are many theories about the disappearance of the Dwemer.
  • there are two flags in each fort, which must be in the hands of the same Alliance for a capture.
  • each structure has capture standards, independent of the fort, which can be taken by small units.
  • doors and walls can be repaired with repair materials.
  • stealth players can kill siege operators to stop a siege weapon.

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