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Again, some miscellaneous questions have been answered by the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online.

A question was asked about the history of the game and the Green Pact Elves and the Wooded Vale. This pact affects the behavior of Wood Elf NPCs who absolutely respect it, limiting what they can do to living plants. The effect the Green Pact will have on character behavior will depend solely on the player.

The other points relate to various game mechanics:

  • Concerning crafts, we know that it is possible to specialize completely in two trades. A player asked a question as to whether he could specialize completely in all weapon crafting but also, with more finesse, only in heavy armor of heavy armor design AND in alchemy but only side poisons, no potions. The developers replied that they are making sure that we are free enough in the trades, it will be possible for us to be versatile. However, they still discuss these points a lot so that one has even more freedoms.
  • La progression of our character will be divided in two with crafts on one side and adventures on the other. This last term includes the gain of levels, the great quests and the celestial shards. As soon as we get one of these points through quests, achievements, it will be possible for us to spend it to improve. In order to progress in craftsmanship, it will be necessary to manufacture elements.
  • A relevant question was also raised and relates to the respecialization. Let's say we've spent a hundred hours building a warrior, giving him skills, and at the end of the day ... we don't like the skill system at all. On the other games, we will have to start a character over again. The Elder Scrolls Online is currently working on a system that allows us to re-specialize in order to regain our points to redistribute them as we want.
  • We also learn that the game will have traps just like the other The Elder Scrolls series, items can be picked up and will reappear shortly, but not necessarily in the same location.
  • Our character will begin his adventure in a situation of imprisonment like the other The Elder Scrolls.
  • About the choice of quests, these will affect more or less our adventure, the world around but also how the NPCs see us and like us or not.

If you have any further questions, please send them to the email provided for this purpose:

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