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The music we hear in TESO is the result of meticulous work by Zenimax audio teams. In their recent article, Zenimax gives us a little more details about all the steps that led to the result that we can appreciate today.

Some highlights of this article:

  • Many new themes are present in addition to classic themes from Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.
  • The music is designed to serve as an element of atmosphere during the game sessions, it fits into the context of the game and may vary depending on the places visited or surrounding events.
  • Music complements the visual beauty of the game and can allow for a better contemplative approach to the game.
  • the music is orchestral but not powerful or boring, and the melodies are designed to allow for a radical musical change according to the context without it being brutal for the ears of the player.
  • Although the main theme and guidelines were made with the participation of Jeremy Soule, the latter did not write the entire soundtrack.
  • The authors of the music for TESO are Brad Derrick (Warhammer Online) et Rik Schaffer (Gothic 3, Vampire la Masquarade: Bloodlines), and they were incorporated into the game by audio programmer Chris Friedemann
  • The songs of bards were composed and performed by Malukah, who wrote 10 songs and also coordinated other singers, male or female, to have multiple versions of his songs in the game.
  • For spanish and German versions, the songs have been translated and adapted so that the air and the rhythm are well preserved. Here is an example:
  • Once the music was finalized at the melodic level with synthetic instruments, the team recorded each piece played by a full orchestra in a European studio. This operation took a whole month.

And here is the final rendering!


And you, if you've tested the game, what do you think of the music?

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