SWTOR - The Hunt for 10: Chapter 4

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Here is the continuation of the hunt for 10. You can read Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 before starting 4. Enjoy your reading!

Chapter 4: Symbols of Force


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I wake up on a bed that I know well: that of Fury. Slowly, I get up, and leave the room. I follow the hallway and hear some noise in the infirmary. I enter it.
Lana stands at a computer, and turns to me: "Ah, you're awake! Are you okay?
- I've seen better days. But how…
- You slept a week, she explains. I woke up three days ago: I took the fight the best.
- And Tifa ?! I suddenly realize.
- She's alive, Lana reassures me. She was stabbed twice, but no vital organ was touched. I put it in the kolto vat immediately.
- Phew… wait, it's been three days, you say? We arrive at Korriban, then?
- No, we are still in Taris. The ship cannot take off: we have been stolen the fuel. And not that elsewhere. The lightsabers of Ascleyos and Lévél Bébud were also taken.
- Tsss… obviously… I'll go get some in the station, there may be some, I suggest.
- In your condition? But are you okay ?! No, you stay here.
- What… what? You're worried ?
- Well yes, isn't that normal? "Lana then realizes the thing. After a moment of reflection, she resumes:" Stay here to take care of Tifa's recovery. I'll get some fuel.
"Very well… I get it." The next few days passed in slow motion. As Lana surveys the ruins of the station, hoping to find enough fuel to run the Fury, I stay at the ship. 'occupies Tifa's tank, and she will be on her feet before returning to Korriban.

I notice then that Kiràly gave us three objects. A little metallic thing around a chain – given to Lana–, the artifact he owned, ie a holocron, and finally… His lightsaber ???? !!!! And it is to me that he gives it ??? I contemplate the gift Kiràly gave me. A magnificent handle, smooth, very pleasant in the grip, with an inscription line:

KirĂ ly the White Sabers

KirĂ ly the White Sabers, eh? This is the name you give yourself. If keeping your sword is your desire, I will fulfill it, and make this weapon mine. Besides, speaking of saber, I know two who will surely want to carve their handle out of the cortose armor in rab '. No need to wait for Tifa to come out of the tank to understand what our next mission will be, once we get back to Korriban.

We finally leave thanks to the fuel found in the station. Lana at the controls, I'm interested in the holocron. Oh miracle, it is not encrypted. And even worse: it's the encryption key. With the key in hand, I take this opportunity to decipher the Ascleyos artefact.

The day after leaving, Tifa's wounds have healed, and she awakens. "Well, you make a face of it. It looked like I was dead.
- I confess that I believed him ...
- Phobias! Lana tells me. And then ... you should have seen your condition. You were the worst!
- What? But Master Tifa was pierced! I point out to him.
- Yes, but you: you're an apprentice. And besides, you're not solid. Therefore…
- Thank you Lana… "Tifa finally smiles, and sits down on a chair a little further." What did I miss?
- KirĂ ly ran away, dropping things of his own ...
- He gave them to us, I cut Lana.
- What? Were you conscious at the time? the apprentice is surprised.
- Yes. He put this next to you, I guess, since I saw the others. As I say this, I hand him the kind of pendant. “What about the rest?” Tifa asks.
"It's for you," I answer, handing the artifact.
- You have the right to be familiar with me, you know… Is that his artefact?
- Yes.
- Wait wait !!! Lana shouts at us. What is this bins ??? A Jedi who gives items to Sith. Sith whom he defeated, and who are hunting him down. And he gives the purpose of our hunt? There is eel under the rock, it is not possible!
- Worse, I add. This is the encryption key, its artifact.
- From surprise to surprise, Tifa comments.
- I allowed myself to identify that of Ascleyos.
- Thank you Phobias, you could have waited for us! Lana scolds me.
- Well precisely! I'm not going to tell you what's inside, you won't believe me! "The girls are silent but look at me surprised and suspicious. I get up and go get the holocron and the key. come back, put the holocron on another chair, and place the key artifact on top, point to point. "What are you jerking off, Phobias? Lana asks me.
- Look, and listen. "I force a little, and the corners open. The key immediately falls, and a ray of light sprang from the holocron of Ascleyos. Then a figure in blue appears, standing.

"This is Darth Malgus. If you find this recording, please listen to at least the introduction. This holocron, I stole it from a Jedi named Kiràly Kardfehér. These are recordings made by himself, on what 'it happened. I hope there will be one, on Dromund Kaas, who has time to fully decipher what follows, and who takes time to add it to Sith intelligence. "

Darth Malgus disappears, then a great Jedi we easily recognize takes place. He presses on an object and puts it down, before saying:

"The Hands of Strength.

I'm here to tell you about their creation, and their purpose. First, I'll show you a recording of the Jedi Council on Tython. Not the official, a secondary, having the same rights, but not the same responsibilities. "

Light escapes from the placed object, and replaces the previous image. We now see a circle of people, seated, and in the center stands KirĂ ly.

"Do you know why you are summoned here, Master Kardfehér?
- Nobody took the good sense to come and inform me. I came on my own, knowing that you wanted to tell me about Luraë.
- Master Kivansag, please correct him a Jedi.
- Stop, says Kardfehér. Don't make me believe that you call Jedi you are close to by last name. You do like me, you use their first name.
- The fact that you are here has to do with this, explains a Jedi.
- Exact. Do you know why ? adds another.
- Do you really want to ask me such questions every time? he sends them back.
- Uh… no, concedes a Jedi.
- As everyone here knows, you have a good relationship with Master Kivansag, introduced a first Jedi.
- How is that a problem? retorts KirĂ ly, still so calm.
- You ... hesitates a second.
- Well ... you are too close to her, dares a third.
- Pardon ?
- Understand us, Master Kardfehér ...
- Well you see, I do not understand, he said.
- You know that love leads to the dark side, resumed one of the members of the council.
- Oh, boy, do you think I'm in love with him? KirĂ ly retorts.
- Uh, no, not especially ... restrains a Jedi.
- Your general temperament proves the impossibility of this, as we have seen, complements another Jedi.
- But the problem is different, you see? resumes one of the members.
"Avoid silly questions, we can talk to him directly," another Jedi pointed out to him.
- Your relationship with her is… unacceptable.
- I would beat her like some humans do not possessing the wisdom of the Jedi, I would understand, but then admit that I am the antipode of this.
- Exact. You care too much about her.
- What do you mean ? Too much ? Kardfehér asks them.
- No teasing. Sweetness without ever asking for it in return. No arguing since you got to know each other when you got here.
- Nothing, absolutely nothing harmful!
- And you complain about it? Kardfehér cuts them.
- Certainly… in a general case, that would not be a problem.
- To see all normal couples the same would be a dream, by the way.
- But you're a Jedi.
- And you said it yourself: I'm not in a relationship, KirĂ ly recalls.
- If you lose her, the shock will be terrible. "There is silence in the room. KirĂ ly takes a slightly more aggressive tone:" Are you considering his death or what?
- Uh no…
- Well then, keep her alive, first, before fearing her death! Luraë is an overpowered Jedi. Master Satele himself brought it to you! And as if that weren't enough, she is an unparalleled healer!
- That is not the question.
- You don't agree with his abilities, perhaps?
- No. On this subject, it is unanimous.
- Good. What is your fear then?
- If she dies, your ... sympathy for her will lead you to grief. And you will sink to the dark side.
- I can't believe that you can come to such hasty conclusions.
- Kiràly. You are… dangerous, on the dark side.
- Is that so ? he asks them, completely surprised.
- Yes… you have already known him.
- Here ! No one had ever made me that one. When, please?
- There is not the question, intervenes a Jedi forced to cut off this surge of truth on the part of the accused. You cannot continue to see her. The bond that unites you must weaken.
- Wait, wait. Do you realize how you arrive at such a fact? Me ? Obscure?
- We obviously want to avoid that. No trace of darkness on Tython is the rule of the Jedi.
- You talk to me about darkness… but you looked at each other? You nine, along with your respective nine disciples, who have followed the same teaching. The way you act is already more obscure than you might think.
- That's enough, you are not here to discuss, but only to agree! an annoyed Jedi dictates to him.
- I beg your pardon ?!
- By order of the council, we ban you: You no longer have the right to approach Master Kivansag. "These words cast a chill on the room. Kiràly then looks at each of them. Then finally, he adds:" It's not a ban, then. You're just forbidding me to see Luraë, actually.
- Don't start looking down on us!
- Your words are full of lies. You are a subsidiary council, I remind you.
- Stop this violence, Master Kardfehér. As members of the Jedi Council, you owe us respect.
- If you think you are more powerful than us, know that it is totally wrong. We are the board.
- Yes, we are not afraid of anyone. And our authority is the highest
- You fear no one? I turn on my lightsabers, and you all piss on each other, lest the thought of touching you might cross my mind. "And with that, he strides away.

One of the members then heaves a huge sigh, and adds: "The worst part is that he's right on all counts…"

Shortly after, a beautiful young woman enters. She stands in the center and provokes the surprise of the council: "Luraë? What are you doing here?
- You are pitiful.
- Understand us, Master Kivansag ...
- Oh, but don't worry, she cuts him off. I understood perfectly. The question is: why?
- Why what ?
- Why such a choice ! she continues.
- Luraë… if the worst ever happened, do you think the Republic would hold out?
- What do you call the worst?
- That you die, and that of sorrow, KirĂ ly join the dark side, and the Empire, to destroy the Republic.
- Admit that it is something that would amount to a miracle! Finally, so to speak ... Let's say it's almost improbable.
- But even. Such danger must be prevented. Because of such events, the entire galaxy would very quickly be under the yoke of the Sith.
- Do you realize what you're saying?
- Imagine that a second Malgus appears on the battlefield? Master Satele could not defeat them, and the Republic would lose its ultimate bulwark ...
- Two Malgus? You are going far! KirĂ ly is not so powerful!
- Well… otherwise, we wouldn't be so careful…
- Why not send it to Satele Shan, then? For once, it is the Empire which would suffer a crushing defeat.
- We ... no. He was not chosen by ...
- Oh yeah ??? Because I, I was found by Satele, I might one day have the right to fight alongside him, if I become powerful enough, but he - who already is - right?
- The fact that he was not chosen is proof of that ...
- Your words are absolute, like Sith. "Luraë casts a chill over the whole room. After they charge in shock, the Jedi resumes," You are already sinking. But you fear that a Jedi much brighter than you will join the dark side. Kiràly is absolutely right: you and your former apprentices are already falling prey to the dark side.
- Your accusations are all the same very serious, Master Luraë. Such remarks deserve exclusion ...
- Oh dear then! I was found by Satele Shan in person! You're not going to challenge his authority, are you?
- Uh no…
- I am hierarchically above you. You can't do anything to me.
- Admit it's ...
- Wrong? You are wrong, not him.
- Can you prove to us that our act was worthy of the dark side?
- Yes. "Surprisingly, the members are all silent, as if they thought they were never suspected." You admit that your ex-apprentices followed your teachings very strictly, and therefore, they act in the same way. than you, Luraë offers them.
- Yes quite.
- Well let's take them, and lead them straight to the dark side.
- What ?? !!!!
- Yes. Get them together, all nine, and have them intervene against the Empire. If they are as far from the dark side as you think they are, they will have nothing to fear.
- And KirĂ ly, then?
- Have him run the operations. Form this group. If KirĂ ly goes dark, he'll have nine very powerful Jedi to stop him, right?
- Uh… All the same… Kiràly is more dangerous than that, protests a Jedi. If he joins the dark side, he will be more powerful and send them to the mat.
- Well, give them your Force artifacts! If it takes that to reassure you. All you have to do is wait until one of them darkens. Then you will know who is truly closest to the dark side. "The subsidiary council remains silent. Luraë's idea is good. Thus, they will be fixed." It is imperative that none of the ten Jedi know anything about it. or on the real purpose of this organization. In particular Kiràly.
- I dream. Are you doing it on purpose? You can't hide anything from Kiràly. He already knows it, Luraë points out to them.
- How is it possible ? Did you speak to him before joining the council? one of the members asks, annoyed.
- KirĂ ly is omniscient. He reads the planet. If he meditates - and all he needs is a moment of calm. He can even do it on the move - he can know everything that is being said for thousands of miles around.
- What? But it's impossible !
- Don't make me laugh! It was thanks to this power that he arrived on Tython. It's time to tell you that these rumors were perfectly true. And then, for your information, this is his idea.
- Tss ... well, fine. The fact that he is in the know spoils the point of this mission a bit, admit it.
- Not on the plane you think. And then, thus, there will be even less chance for Kiràly to join the dark side, right? ”After a short deliberation, one of the members officially proclaims the foundation of the Mains de Force.

Another scene arrives. Luraë and Kiràly are face to face, at a table. "The Mighty Hands are yours now.
- It's sad to come to this, admits KirĂ ly.
- I am the first disappointed. You're going to have to kill his corrupt nine, Luraë explains.
- I wish there was a way to make them reason. These are just their former students, damn it! It was their masters who were bad at the time, says KirĂ ly.
- You know as well as I do that these Jedi masters will never deny the teaching they have received, KirĂ ly.
- So, if even you accept their death, they will perish by the hand they have always fought. Who knows ? Maybe some will find the true light again, he said hopefully.
- Do you want my opinion ? There will be, she concedes. But not necessarily among the nine disciples ...
- If only the council knew the true purpose of the hands of Force…
- Telling them that the death of their ex-apprentices is this goal will immediately sink them.
- Yes… "Kiràly gets up and stands at a bar just a little further away. The young woman joins him, and sticks to him." Are you afraid of something?
- I have the intimate feeling that despite the death of his nine apprentices, I will have to kill the members of the subsidiary council.
- Let it happen. We will see that later. Do not speak of misfortune. ”The hologram goes out.

Then returns the first image of KirĂ ly, standing. The Jedi master calmly resumes, "I hope the Jedi who see these images will understand the truth. As I speak to you, the Force hands are made up of the following ten Jedi:
- Maître Kala Riyannu.
- Master Dw'yni Flo.
- Master Ratanté Mozen.
- Master Adelphè Troquamoria.
- Master Zwanady Sraa'Tho.
- Master Ascleyos Diatral.
- Master Trifidat Osbtacos.
- Master Lévél Bebud.
- Maître Aa'Rysto Schaalèp.
- And myself: Kiràly Kardfehér. "He then presses on an artefact, and the image finally stops.

The girls then turn to each other. I approach the artifact to close it. “Wait, if I understood correctly… They want us to kill them? Being a Jedi is starting to seriously lose prestige, if you have to be stupid as your feet!” Remarks Lana.
- So what are we doing, Master Tifa? I resume.
- Not killing them would eventually allow them to join the Republic for good. Killing them assures us that they will never be our enemies.
- And bribe them? It would be so fun! Lana suggests.
- Absolutely, nothing prevents us from trying to make them join our ranks. But beware, it is still the royal road to infiltrate us!
- Them? Infiltrate us? Do you think them capable of that?
- Lana, you have to beware of the Jedi. They are quite able to do this kind of scheme to make us swallow this. Also, if Malgus had encountered Kardfeher, we would be chasing a ghost, right now.
- We are no longer really in pursuit ... he removed the spyware. Impossible to know where he is now, Lana informs him.
- Too bad, we will stuff others in the meantime, concludes Tifa. Personally, I doubt that all of these recordings are true: have you seen their subsidiary advice? Even we can clearly see that they are abusing!
- What about the Malgus report at the beginning? Is it custard? Lana retorts.
- You score a point, admits Tifa. But what would stop them from making a fake?
- Yeah… "Tifa then looks around the rest of the room. Finally, she asks me:" What do you think?
- That we are powerless.
- I beg your pardon, Phobias?
- According to Kiràly and Luraë, they basically say that someone will join the light, whether it is the nine other Jedi of the Hands of Force, or… another individual.
- Bah, uh… It's Jedi delirium, that! Lana adds.
- Except that Kiràly is wise, it is undeniable. Moreover, Luraë exists.
- Ah? Here ? Have you ever seen her? Tifa asks me.
- I… In a way. But I remain powerless against her.
- Well. Awesome. That really helps us, Tifa says ironically. But what do we do now?
- We're heading back to Korriban.
- Okay, how much more travel time?
- Two days, I inform him.
- Perfect ! By the way, Lana, what's your item?
- Some kind of necklace, she answers.
- Huh? Watch! "Lana then hands him the pendant. The size of a watch, it opens on the side, giving way to two dark screens. Tifa presses the small button on the side, and two holograms appear: two faces. Two small ones. girls, one brunette with deep blue eyes, the other one has pink hair and cyan eyes. "Who is this? Tifa asks.
- Not the slightest idea, admits Lana.
- Me neither. "Tifa then presses a button again, and the faces are erased. A coordinate line is displayed." A destination? I said.
- Why does KirĂ ly want to give us the coordinates of a place? wonders Lana.
"A trap," Tifa said.
- What do you mean ? resumes Lana.
- Destroy it immediately! He wants us to believe that he is helping us, with this hint, but for sure, there is a beacon inside!
- Holy shit! cries Lana.
- No ! It can't be that! I intervene.
- Phobias? But it's obvious, isn't it? Tifa retorts.
- KirĂ ly wants us well. He left us alive ...
- The Jedi are all completely oblivious, you know that! reminds me of my master. It's not the first time that a Jedi has spared a Sith!
- And that, it's custard, maybe? "I hand them the gift that Kiràly Kardfehér gave me. When they see the lightsaber, they are speechless. Tifa manages to pronounce:"C… C… Co… How come ??? !!!! He gave you his sword ??? !!! His saber which can break any other saber not powerful enough ??? !!!
- I'm too jealous! Lana shouts.
- If he gave it to me, when I lost, it can't be to hurt me. Even you will admit that pure bullshit cannot explain such behavior. Not from KirĂ ly.
- Tss… Here you are now praising him, Phobias, Lana points out to me.
- Still, it feels better to tell yourself that you were beaten by a god, than by the first moron, Tifa tells him.
- Ah, yes, I had not seen him like that…
"Speaking of sabers, we'll have to find some, the two of us," Tifa warned.
- Yeah. Well, I know, I'm going to carve it out of cortose armor! Lana announces.
- Keep parts to repair the one you are wearing: the fight against KirĂ ly has ruined it, Tifa advises him.
"Getting back to the objects, the key to the artifacts - which he himself called the key to nothingness - is yours," I inform my master.
- Oh ? Well, I'm glad, she said, taking it.
- The question is: do we continue to hunt him down, although we have what we were looking for, or not? I ask.
"Phobias, a Sith doesn't ask questions," Tifa informs me. He tracks him down.
- And if we count the fact that fighting him is death guaranteed? I add.
- There he scores a point. I agree with Phobias! Lana shouts.
- But of course… it becomes obvious!
- What, Tifa? Lana asks her.
- Our fears seem clear now: they did try to kill us, by sending us against KirĂ ly! explains our master.
- Awesome. Who could possibly want it?
“Any Sith, Phobias,” she answers.
- More specifically, I was implying.
- I think I have a little idea… "
We quickly arrive on Korriban. No sooner was the Fury placed in the hangar of The Dead Light than we left the device at a brisk pace. I then go in the direction of the Korriban intelligence service.

Without any difficulty, I reach the center I was looking for. I learn that the boss of the service is currently in his office. About ten minutes of waiting in a chair next to it, and the Sith opens the door: "I was told you wanted to see me?
- Yes, let me introduce myself: Phobias Orrodia, I said, holding out my hand.
- Come in, please. "The office is very spacious. A shelf of shelves filled with various art objects decorates the right of the room. A few statues, and other valuables. Anyway, the kind of guy who knows, and never takes. no junk. He sits me down and says, "Did you come by appointment?
- No no not at all. I actually have a good friend, who happens to be a Sith, who went on a mission quite a while ago. However, I have had no news. I was thinking the intelligence office must know where she is.
- Did the receptionist send you straight to see me? Yet this kind of information does not need my jurisdiction. Anyway, since you're here… What's your friend's name?
- This is Darth Tifa. She told me she was going on a mission, to hunt down a guy named… uh… Karlos Krade-pissed off.
- Kiràly Kardfehér, he corrects me. You want to drink something ?
- Huh? Uh, well, that's very nice of you, but… no thanks.
- Something else ?
- I don't understand, there… why?
- Were you close to her?
- Um yes. She taught me a couple of nice things that she usually keeps a secret. But… "I then notice the grimace of my interlocutor. I remain silent. He finally manages to say:" I didn't know her very well. Alas. I'm sure the Empire would have given him a good place in the upper echelons.
- I don't understand, sir ...
- Darth Tifa was a Sith. She went on a mission to Bespin to kill a Jedi, named Kiràly Kardfehér. However, during my research, I discovered - too late, alas - that he was an extremely powerful Jedi.
- It is not possible…
- Yes… We haven't lost all trace of her. Chances are she's ... stayed there.
- Darth Tifa wouldn't die so easily!
- Calm down, Mr. Orrodia. I don't want to believe it either! But I also sympathize, because I myself gave her the Jedi position she was looking for!
- What?
- Yes, and alas, during my later research, I saw that they were White Sabers, a Jedi almost as powerful as Satele Shan! There's no way she's still alive now.
- You're lying… I can't believe you!
- Alas, by going to kill him, she inevitably rushed towards her own death… he concedes to me sadly.
- She had her apprentices by her side, though?
- No chance, even with Darth Lana, and… her other apprentice - whose name I forgot - they could never have survived…
- It's a shame, I said calmly.
- Yes… uh?
- That you forgot his name.
- You wanted to tell his family?
- No need: his name is Phobias Orrodia. "The Sith realizes then that he has fallen into the magnificent trap that Tifa, Lana and I have woven. He jumps up, but a red blade lights up. in front of her throat. Tifa comes out of her invisibility, and proclaims: "You weren't expecting that one, eh?
- Proof not, I would say in my defense, he replied.
- Who told you to send us to the pipe breaker against White Sabers?
- How do you know that ...
- Thanks for the info! Lana cuts him off as she enters through the door she was watching.
- Band motherfuckers !
- So now that we know that there is someone above all that, you are going to please us to tell us who, questions Darth Tifa.
- Rather die !
- Well die. "Tifa cuts off his head. The body falls, while the Sith master holds the head by the hair." You had a bad face, besides ...
"I don't think he's answering you now," I said.
- Mmh, no. But I know enough, reassures us Tifa. If he prefers to die than to suffer the yoke of his master, it is because the latter must be remarkably cruel ... And there, that quickly reduces the number.
- Cruel Sith? There are plenty ! I point out to them.
- So much so that death is preferable? Much less than you think, Lana informs me. He would have chugged at the last moment otherwise.
- Yes, his master clearly seems to be a bastard. Anyway. Phobias, thank you for the sword, Tifa told me, handing me my sword back.
- You're welcome, he wasn't of much use to me in this story.
- Still… what an acting game! He only saw fire! compliments me Lana. I couldn't have done better!
- Uh… yes… it's uh… nice, I stammered, blushing.
- Well then? It's not the first time you've been paid a compliment, reassure me? "Lana asks me. I just tilt my head to answer. I slide to the side then: I don't like this genre. Fortunately, Tifa saves me by changing the subject: “Okay, we have something more to do!” She flies the lightsaber placed among the personal objects of the corpse, and lights it. A large red blade, and most importantly - which seems to please Tifa enormously - beautiful embellishments on the handle. Gold, blade curves come out on the end. Glowing crystals adorn the lower end, and the elegant lines ensure a good grip. "Phobias, this is the moment of truth.
- It works. "I draw the white saber. Face to face, we deliver a blow of great power, but one that we can easily dodge. The blades clash, and Tifa's new saber holds up well. "I love it! I take ! she tells us.
- Very good. Since we don't have a mission right now, I'll take the opportunity to forge mine! Lana says.
"We would have to find a good crystal for the blade," I told him.
- Certainly. "We finally get out of the office, and go downstairs. Once downstairs, I give the switchboard operator a loan, saying:" It's for cleaning! "She grabs the coin, and stares blankly at the Sith who walked in alone, and left with two chicks - if we took this picture out of context.

"The only thing I have to tell you is that you have your free time. As soon as I have any info on a Force Hands Jedi, we're going to hunt him down." And with that, we resume our routine life.

My routine has become… unoriginal for some time. And so extraordinarily embarrassing, for someone like me. When I enter the academy, sharp eyes spot me, and begin to take an interest in my exploits with Darth Tifa. Well, there are always some who try to make fun of me by you, and they usually swallow their pride soon after.

I have never yet shown my new saber - the one KirĂ ly gave me - at the academy. Nor elsewhere, for that matter. I only use it when training at home. These acrobatic sessions are punctuated by time for meditation. I try, in my own way, to see what is happening, as KirĂ ly was doing too, apparently. I listen to what is being said in the surroundings, and I gradually expand my hearing. Lana spends most of her time in the academic workshop, on cortose snippets. She models her handle for her future lightsaber. Long enough to hold with both hands, but short enough not to overwhelm it. What ornaments to accompany the style of her armor - which she has previously restored - when it hangs from her waist. Simple, yet elegant curves. Caught in his hands, his future sword exudes terror. Her skills as a mechanic allow her to finish the pieces separately, so that she can assemble the saber once a crystal has been found. And that will be a whole different story ...

Tifa, she tries to camouflage her actions a little more. A general mist accompanies it. It will take time for me to be omniscient like Kiràly. He, even the Jedi masters of the council, can't hide anything from him. Ah! This time, I have it! Tifa came to see her apprentice, to give her some tips about creating lightsaber crystals. In short, few very interesting things. Though…

"Are we sure we're not being spied on here?
- Normally, yes, Lana assures him.
"Alright, so here we go: we're going to open the other holocron," Tifa informs her.
- What? And Phobias?
- Tss, that's okay. He will look at it himself another time. And then, he didn't hesitate to decipher the first one! "Lana nods and the girls settle in. The holocron then opens thanks to the key to the Void, and it then delivers its mysterious contents.

"This is Imperial Agent number 713 998 999 Therin Kalo'ks. I'm on a spy mission on Dromund Kaas, concerning the following individual: Frogia Tardehnso.

This Iridonian is officially a soldier of the Empire. Army reports indicate that he enlisted precisely 974 days ago. I consider the first day to be the day the Iridonian signed his contract with the army. On the 769th day, it appeared to have disappeared from circulation. On day 902, BSI agent Gryuc 'Kaa saw him on a battlefield in the Ord Mantell system. Important note: he was in the Republic camp.

Mission Day 1: Intelligence about the target shows that he has shown doubt, reluctance, compassion and other mixed feelings towards enemies in the past. Since this history has no serious fault, his case was ignored, and the Iridonian returned to cruelty training. The result has no apparent effect.

5th day of mission: arrival on Ord Mantell. My new identity allows me to infiltrate the Republican ranks without difficulty. After a full day of searching, the individual Frogia Tardehnso was not located.

6th day of mission: first contacts with a comrade of the Iridonian. The information from this source is superfluous with the exception of one: he suspects that the Iridonian, I quote: “[is] not really a die-hard Republican.” He was reportedly seen among Imperials ago. is three years old.

7th day of mission: the senior officer begins to be suspicious of certain recruits, including me. I encrypt and conceal the report holocron. I don't know when the next report will take place.

Mission day 27: The higher administration returned to me, I quote: “this incongruous, useless object in a soldier's room.” Departure aboard the Ghost-class ship for the Tatooine system.

28th day of mission: I take advantage of my five days of interstellar travel to explain the events that took place during the twenty days of confiscation.

An advanced search in a Republican computer allowed me to find the background of Private Frogia Tardhenso. They complement each other with the reports of Dromund Kaas. A second acquaintance with the Iridonian informs me that the latter left for Tatooine recently before my arrival, due to mental instability, preventing him from fighting effectively on the battlefield.

33rd day of mission: arrival on Tatooine in the city named Mos Caylei. Beginning of intensive research by Frogia Tardhenso. RAS

35th day of mission: a waitress in the cantina "Darranta's Place" informs me that she saw the wanted individual twice. The first was exactly 155 days ago: the individual had an exchange with a young woman, human, blonde, with long, straight hair, probably between 21 and 28 years old. The last time was last week, where he met this same woman a second time. The latter refused to, I quote: "take her away like the other time". The waitress believes there was an additional hidden exchange, but has no evidence to attest to it.

Consultations of the landing reports from the hangars indicate that a correlated light XS-type cargo ship would have left for Dantooine.

39th day of mission: arrival on the Dantooine system, near the old Jedi academy, destroyed by Darth Malak. Intensive searches for the slightest information on the arrival of iridonian. RAS

43rd day of mission: meeting with colleague number 713 Akui Namida, imperial agent who received the official diploma just after myself. She informs me that her mission has failed, and that she must return to Dromund Kaas immediately. Its mission was to, I quote: "identify at least 999 individuals potentially capable of being enemies of the Empire in an unknown future." She only spotted 000, and among them are the following individuals: Frogia Tardhenso and Caeli Amentia. The latter has been seen on several occasions on Dantooine, apparently carrying out human smuggling to a destination unknown to official reports.

44th mission day: I infiltrate Caeli Amentia's light XS-type Correllian cargo ship. On board is also the individual Frogia Tardhenso. No possibility of sabotage or other technical work is possible on board.

46th day of mission: the vessel landed in unknown territory. The locating space radar seems scrambled, so I don't have any coordinates for the location I'm on.

A planet seems to be the most logical possibility, because the place has a sky and a breathable atmosphere. The landscapes are similar to those of Tython, except for the architecture. Various groups of people seem to live here, and all seem more or less aware that this place is moving. A dialogue between two unlisted individuals indicates that this place is called, I quote: "The link". At its head seems to be a Jedi master.

47th day of mission: the Jedi master unmasked me, but does not know what my mission is. Strictly inconsistent relationship between his supposed faction and mine: no animosity from the Jedi. I hear from him that other Force-worshipers remain here. Any action on my part will be interpreted as an attack, and, I quote: "we will take care of [my] case."

48th day of mission: the Jedi master designates herself under a name that does not allow her to be described in a report. However, she takes the time to explain to me what Le Lien is.

The organization and the place called Le Lien are an indirect access between the republic and the empire. According to the same Jedi, the Imperials founded this organization three years ago. Since then, a few Jedi have infiltrated, and have, I quote: "put their stone to the building." Apparently, the people who come to this place are all prone to mental inconsistencies, moral instabilities, and / or hesitation over important choices. And this place would be intended to serve as therapy for them, so that they settle their moral problems, and choose a new way of life.

49th day of mission: meeting with the iridonian Frogia Tardhenso. The deserter is slaughtered according to the laws in force in Dromund Kaas.

50th mission day: return to Dantooine, clandestinely aboard the ship of the pilot Caeli Amentia, a light XS type Correllian cargo ship.

List of people with a confirmed probability of a link with the Le Lien organization:
- Deserter Frogia Tardhenso, shot on order of Dromund Kaas.
- The Pilot Air Insanity, passeuse.
- Individuals running the “Darranta's Place” bar.
- Bureaucrat Jil'GĂ©a Draay.
- His daughters Sahino and Mélona, ​​who seem to be there from the start.
- The High Council of the Jedi.
- Jedi master Ariana Jeth.
- Jedi master Kivansag, her first name is unknown, apparently high in the duties of the Link.
- Her husband, supposed Jedi Master Kivansag.

End of report. "

“Uh… okay… what is this delirium? Asks Lana.
- An Imperial report on something… intriguing, Tifa adds.
- But what the fuck do we actually?
- Didn't you say you were looking for crystals for your lightsaber? retorts his master.
- Uh… yes. Why ?
- Because there are some on Dantooine. You can kill two birds with one stone, suggests the Sith Lord.
- Yeah. And the mission?
"We don't have a Force Hands Jedi in sight right now," Tifa told him, shrugging her shoulders. And then, I want to know more ... "

I cease my observant meditation. FUCKING BORDEL OF SHIT !!!! It is the monumental catastrophe !!!! I don't know this agent, but he did a professional job, hence my problem. It is necessary A-BSO-LU-MENT that I find a way not to go to Dantooine. And it got off to a bad start. In a hurry like never before, I leave my apartments to reach the building of The Dead Light.

As I rummage through the library reports, a voice rises behind my back: “Phobias?” I turn to see a woman I recognize without problem: Sylrianis. I get up, cover her mouth, and take her to the nearest broom closet.

Once out of all listening, I release his jaw and ask him: "What are you doing here, you? !!
- You can not know how I am… happy to know you alive, she confesses to me. I would have thought that ...
- That KirĂ ly would kill us, I cut it. It's already done. On the other hand, if you hang out here, Sylrianis, you risk attracting a whole bunch of prob ...
- HĂ©Ă©Ă©Ă©! she intervenes. Calm. Zen. You don't have to stress so much.
- Well… I guess you ran into your sister, then?
- Ah well yeah. And - sorry, but I couldn't know - she thinks you are a dirty liar now.
- Tss ... let's say I'm not that close. Are there others that came out? I ask him.
- Mmmh… not that I know of. Your sisters are doing a remarkable job.
- Thank you, I know… how did you get back here?
- Caeli brought me. She is too strong, she can cross any blockade without anyone noticing anything!
- Okay, very well… "I sit down then. Sylrianis has no difficulty seeing the eagerness which guides me at this moment. She then adds:" Something is bothering you? About the Link?
- Tifa and Lana have just had the idea of ​​going to Dantooine, if you see the disaster that it announces ...
- Oh fuck ! Ah yes, that's a hell of a problem ...
- Since you're an Imperial agent at the base, you wouldn't have a person to eliminate, or whatever, whatever, in short, something!
- Uh… the last dubious person I met was Jedi Kala Riyannu, at Lien.
- Who did you say ???
- Kala Riyannu. You know her ?
- Is she tall like Tifa, rather thin, with a bandage over her forehead? Fair hair, tied up, and in a blue outfit? I describe to him.
- Exactly. She seemed to have a few words with Luraë.
- Who is that ??
- Luraë. The one who runs more or less the whole psychological aspect of… "But I prevent her from speaking. Someone is coming. We are silent. Steady footsteps cross the hallway, not paying attention to anything. calm has returned, I announce: "Continue your life here, as if you had never stayed at the Lien. Forget me by the time I get back. And no blunder.
- Hey, I'm an Imperial Agent, who do you take me for? "But her answer goes blank. I'm already on the way to Tifa's Fury ship.

I still go through my humble temple to take the necessary things, and go straight to the hangars. I then meet Tifa and Lana who are heading towards the academy. The latter tells me: "Here you are! We had planned ...
- We're going to Dantooine, I interrupt.
- Uh? Do you still know? So much the better, we're leaving tomorrow, Tifa tells us.
- We leave immediately, I retort.
- Huh? What is this story ? they worry.
- It's an order. "I walk away from her to drop off my things and prepare for the trip. A few minutes later, the girls board. And we take off immediately.

As Fury crosses the stars, I train with my two sabers at a breakneck pace. I therefore arouse the curiosity of girls. Tifa comes into my room: "You take this story very seriously, seeing how you apply it. Are you planning something for us?
- I'm afraid we'll have to separate, I confide.
- Ah? What about us? We don't have much to do ...
"Help Lana design a beautiful crystal for her saber, I'll do something else, and then I'll join you," I explain.
- Here you are again. You and Lana, 'you have to integrate ...
- Is there something else you wanted to talk to me about? the cut I.
- Mmmh. I opened the other holocron.
- And?
- Let's say there is some info ... crisp, she said with an amused look.
- What do you want to do ?
- We're supposed to kill ten specific Jedi. But what is it that prevents us from killing others? Dark Jossaac would always be prouder.
- I see… well, do it with Lana.
- If you want to go on a mission, solo, you know, you have the right, she remarks.
- I don't have a ship.
- Ask for one, or buy it, I don't know.
- Stealing it does not stroke your mind? "With that, Tifa stops short. Still touched. It's starting to get a lot, the number of times I point out this kind of thing to her. Finally, after a while , Tifa resumes, smiling: "Do it! Prove you're a Sith, because you think so. Then I'll just ask you not to steal this one! ”We laugh for a few seconds, and I continue:“ Don't worry. And for now, I'm doing very well following you. ”She nods, and leaves.

The next day, Lana spends the day at the controls, while I take on Tifa with a lightsaber. She remains almost systematically on the defensive, and very quickly notices that now, I beat her in melee. Well, it's mostly because she doesn't use her thunderbolt on me. Lana would have been a much better opponent, but without a saber, it's hard to fight. But somewhere in me I feel reassured that I can beat Darth Tifa now. Finally, so to speak.

The journey follows quickly, between training and meditation, when finally, we arrive at our destination. Uh, well, that's what we thought: “What is this mess? Asks Tifa.
- A blockade?
- No, Lana, look: there are Imperial and Republican ships, I point out. We have arrived in the midst of the battle.
- And under crossfire!"Tifa shouts before pulling the handle of the Fury and straightening the ship. After a loop, we find that we have been attacked by a similar ship." Is that a joke or what?
- Ah bah, it's pure Sith, Phobias! Lana points out to me.
- Watch the chaos, kids: there's not a single ship that knows what it's doing, Tifa informs us.
- Huh? "We lean out the cockpit glass, and watch the movements of every moving object.

A dozen cruisers, who shoot at each other. And not Imperial on the one hand, Republican on the other, no. There, it is all the shots on everything that moves! Likewise, the squadrons of hunters form misshapen swarms that collide with each other. The corvettes attack their own escorts, and other buildings are snuffed out by their entourage. In short, in a nutshell, complete confusion. “Is nobody following us?” I worry.
- Apparently, whoever shot us went somewhere else, says Lana.
- Let's take the opportunity to reach the surface, orders Tifa.
- Where do we go?
- The south pole of the planet seems to be the emptyest of ships, Phobias. We go through there, and once the atmosphere is crossed, well ...
- Anyone know where to go? Lana asks.
- Crystal caves, I know there are some, Tifa confesses. After, where exactly… Phobias, do you know where you have to go?
- Yes, don't worry.
- Well here we go, dictates Tifa taking the controls, straight to the south pole of the planet.
- Oh no ! Let me take care of my stories on my own!
"But at least we know where to drop you off!" Lana begs me.
- I don't even know myself, I point out.
- Ah. But what do you want to do? asks Tifa.
- Once on the surface, I'll find a way to get to where I need to go.
- What if you don't find any? she retorts.
- That was not part of the implication. "Not knowing what to say, and faced with my waterproofness, the girls shrug their shoulders.

We arrive without being too spotted in the atmosphere of Dantooine. Then we cross the infinite fields of the planet at high speed. Not knowing where to really go, Tifa proposes the old Jedi academy, the one from three hundred years ago, bombarded by Darth Malak. Indeed, if Jedi have settled in a specific location, there is a chance that a crystalline cave will be there.

On the good thousand kilometers flown, no trace of civilization was found. Tifa then proposes to land in a city with a radar trace, and to seek information here below. Proposal accepted. Once the Fury has been placed illegally - well, not in the eyes of the poor guardian, who did not understand anything about Tifa's tricks - I separate myself from the girls. Once they are out of sight, I look for a lost spot in this mining town - the name of which I haven't written down - between two buildings. The agglomeration does not seem very active, there are many alleys empty of men.

I arrive between two walls, near a metal bar serving as an antenna for the entire housing block. From leaps to bounds, I climb to the top of the highest of the two structures. The roofs of the city, over several hectares. Mmmh ... There, I can still go up. I jump over the void between two buildings, climb vertical iron cables, and climb all kinds of wreckage before arriving at the top of the city, on a tower.

I sit against the center antenna, and turn on my communicator. "Caeli, it's Phobias. Can you hear me?" But no response from him. I retry: "Caeli, here Phobias. Are you receiving me?" Always nothing. Raaah, this is not the time !! I play at passing my communicator through my fingers, to try to de-stress. But nothing helps. Twenty seconds later, I start again: "Hey! Ho! Caeli! Where are you ?! It's Phobias!" Hearing no response, I growl: "But this is not the moment! Why are you doing this to me?
- Because I love to be desired by handsome boys, what do you think? a familiar voice answers me.
- Caeli !!! But uh ... wait, you really made me ...
- Listen a little behind me: I have blaster shots in the buttocks, and they don't want to let go of me - I understand them, at the same time - so I couldn't answer right away.
- Aim at the control computer next to them, it will allow you to escape.
- They are droids: their sensors will not be fooled by something so weak, she informs me between two volleys of fire.
- Something suspended that could fall to block the passage? I suggest.

- You're a genius, Phobias! "Then I hear the sound of a huge metallic object falling." There! Thank you Phobias! How did you come up with such an idea?
- Fight against a collapsing Jedi in full structure. How is it going ?
- In a black shit, as usual! Hihihi!
- Would a special delivery be possible?
- Ah? You must go there ?
- And quickly, I add.
- I announce the bad news immediately: it will not be for now.
- I'm on Dantooine, I specify.
- Ah! Thank you, it's come a long way! The last time, it was Korriban, and therefore, downright galley!
- I know. What is your position?
"Flagship Gormak," she replies.
- Pardon ?
- Did you see the general battle in the sky when you arrived?
- Yes, but it was imperial against republicans, right? I ask him.
- Oh no, it's much more complicated than that! It's everyone for their apple, and the Gormaks finish the job. Finally, try. With this sabotage, they too will be in trouble.
- Wait, wait… Are you the one who caused such chaos?
- Well no ! admits Caeli to me. And I don't know who it is, hence my infiltration.
- When do you think you can take me?
- My last sponsor asked me to sabotage a certain amount of ship. Once my mission is over, I'll take care of you. Can you wait until tomorrow?
- 'not too much choice… Where do you want me to go, just to save time?
- Khoonda Astroport. We can do this discreet and easy.
- If I'm not there, because I'm having problems in the meantime, go somewhere else.
- As usual. "Well, well, I just have to wait, now ...

I observe the green expanse that surrounds the city, and take the time to examine the details of even the slightest case. Finally plunging into meditation, I listen to the surroundings. Not finding much to be interested in, I change my focus area and aim for the sky. Very high. I even reach the star battle that takes place above us.

A chaos of metal. Some ships have chosen to stand still, while all the little ones are spinning in all directions, in pursuit of a target. While trying to understand exactly what is going on, I gradually identify the position of the vessels. Apparently, the Imperial, Republican and Gormak Admiral Cruisers have strayed from the battlefield, and are trying in vain to figure out what precisely is going on. For their part, escorts, hunters and corvettes link combat maneuvers, firing, and repositioning, to try to survive. I'm trying to focus on a republic ship, and listen to whatever is being said on deck. And there is like an inconsistency. Why do they see…? Ah, well, they just shot down an allied hunter. Well, no, since they are happy to have exploded it. Are there any traitors? But no… wait… they're Republicans! Would the other hunter be the traitor, then? The corvette moves and begins to canard vessels of all horizons. An allied hunter then shoots them. But are they crazy or what? I focus on the pilot… "Aha! Damn Imperial Corvette !! What do you say to that!" Ah? Uh… well… and the corvette in question… “It's not true !!! Another Imperial Hunter!
- Forget it, captain, there are too many of them! I no longer see Allied fighters on radar.
- Are we not going to ring for retirement ?! "Hey! What is this? Both of them think the other is an Imperial? I'm trying to focus on Sith ships, and the same applies. Ouch. They only see Republicans. ... But! Caeli told me there were Gormaks! Every time, they had something to do with it! Let's see… what a Gormak hunter looks like. , him. Though… hey hey! His allies are an Imperial coup, a Republican coup! I think I understand: the radars must have all been scrambled, and every ship thinks all the others are enemy ships. the only cruiser Gormak? Where there! He just lost a blank! Hey! But it's Caeli! She just blew up a good load of loads ... that explains it! She runs from hallway to hall, half stoned, to join her ship in the hangar Accompanied by three people, she shoots down all the Gormaks she meets. But… Ah! Damn, it's falling apart! Caeli watch out !!! With a start, she hears something, and avoids the collapsing piece of structure. Pfioou… Huh? What does she say ? "Did you say something to me?
- No, Caeli, why? his ally replies.
- I thought I heard someone shouting at me to be careful. Well, that must be an interpretation of my luck! "And on a momentum, she leaves. Uh ... she heard me ?! What is this delirium now ?! But my questions stop: they call me .

From below, I see the girls waving to me. I get up, and leap down. From roof to roof, I descend to finally end up on the ground. “What were you doing up there? Lana asks me.
- I was dancing the rumbala, I retort.
"Phobias, we know where to find crystals for Lana," Tifa tells me. And you ?
- My taxi won't come until tomorrow - hoping that it will calm down up there. So I can go with you, if you want.
- Awesome !!! exclaims Lana.
- Return to Fury "orders Tifa. Once in flight, we move much further north of the planet.

As Lana steers the ship, I chat with my master. "Have you ever used the Force to see?
- Yes, often. Black is not an obstacle for me.
- Uh, that's not what I wanted to talk about ... To see far, I explain. As for example, from here you contemplate the space battle.
- It's not my specialty. But I know some Jedi did.
- And… is it something difficult to achieve?
- I know the Jedi Bastila Shan had a knack for it, and she could influence an entire battle. Then how exactly was it… well, I think she had to communicate a bit to everyone.
- Yeah! It's combat meditation! Lana announces from the cockpit.
- Mmh ...
- Why, Phobias? Tifa asks me.
- I… I think, that I… partially, succeeded in reaching something that… could be similar to that, I admit to him.
- What a lack of confidence! Just say: I can do combat meditation! Lana throws me.
- Not bad. Interesting. 'should see that in action. And under the gaze of Dark Jossaac. He would surely be interested in that.
- Does he know anything about combat meditation?
- I don't know. On the other hand, in the direction of the guild army… oh yes!
- Okay… I'm changing the subject: where are we headed?
- You tell us where you want to go in exchange! merchant Lana.
"Near the old Jedi academy," Tifa informs me. There is hardly anyone left, but a cave with crystals… there will surely be some!
- Rôôôôhhhh… why you told him!
- You want to know ? Today, I don't know where to go. Tomorrow, however, I know I have to go to X. And to get there, I have to go to Dantooine.
- It really advances me ...
- You were talking about the space battle, Phobias, begins Tifa. Did you notice something?
- Yeah: everyone has the impression that the area is covered with enemies. And so, they shoot all the ships, I conclude.
- Hence the chaos. HEY ! suddenly realizes Tifa. When we leave the planet, we will look for a lonely ship!
- Huh? Why ? Lana asks.
- By the way, they all have the impression of being alone, I point out.
- Such an illusion can only be the fruit of the Force, explains our master. I want to know which Jedi or Sith does it. Not only to kill him, but also to take his power, if I can! ”With this idea, we approach Khoonda, and we pose not far, in the meadows.

We get out of the ship and head for the surrounding hills. Tifa then explains to us: "There is a famous crystal cave around here.
- Ah? Have any famous Force followers been there? I ask him.
- Exact. Guess who, she suggests.
- Mmmh… someone powerful and famous… oh! I know ! Malgus! Lana tries.
- Lost. Older.
- Exar Kun?
- Too old, there, Phobias ...
- Darth Malak! Lana retries.
- It's not impossible. But I wasn't thinking of him, says Darth Tifa.
- Ah? Dark Revan? ajoute-je.
- Yes! congratulate me my master. And the Exile as a bonus!
- Whouao! I had better find a good crystal if I want to be as strong as Revan was!
- It's not won, I concede. Unless we find a way like he did, the Exile: He went from a dark stranger to a mega-big guy.
- Uh, it seems to me it was a woman, like Revan, Tifa tells me.
- A woman ? Revan! But no, it was a guy! I remind you that Satele is his descendant! Lana dictates to him.
- Uh… you can have descendants, whether you're male or female, you know, Lana…
- Already, on this point, Phobias is right, completes Tifa. But what is Satele called?
- Bah. Satele, you just said it! his apprentice points out to him.
- Satele Shan! Like Bastila Shan who was… with Revan.
- You have a doubt, I said.
- Well yes, we have no proof, to my knowledge, so ...
- So Revan could very well be a woman, and this Bastila slept with some poor guy whom history forgot! Lana concludes.
- But the Exile, I'm sure it was a woman! Tifa resumes.
"Weren't there any problems with Jedi Master Atris at the time?" I remember. It seemed to me that he had more or less seduced Brianna, an exchani maid who was devoted to Atris before - and Visas Marr fell in love with him, by the same token - so unless they had particular tendencies ...
- You're disgusting, Phobias! Lana comments.
- That's it, or it was a guy, I warned Lana.
- We have no archive on the identity of the person of the Exile. And then for the problems with Visas and Brianna, uh… I'm not even sure it turned out that way, Tifa tells us.
- Yeah… nonetheless, if it was a guy, that's how it would have happened, in my opinion, I admit.
"With" ifs, we could bottle Coruscant, "Tifa corrects.
- Well ! Men or women, Jedi or Sith, we do not care ! They were big, and what interests me are the crystals !! "Lana reminds us. We nod, and begin the search.

During the march, a pack of Kinrath spiders pounces on us. Time for Tifa to lend her sword to Lana so that she can defend herself, and from a few attacks, we tear them to pieces. Only one survives, and fleeing guides us straight to the cave we are looking for.

The light penetrates with difficulty in the rock corridors. Tifa then explains to her apprentices how to distinguish things from the dark side, something she already usually does. Strangely, I don't find myself bothered by the darkness that surrounds us, and Lana quickly understands her master's way of doing things. Sabers extinguished, we advance silently among the falling drops. After about ten minutes, our presence attracts a group of Kinrath spiders. With a wave of lightning, Tifa gets rid of it. The maze which is offered to us seems to have more interlacing than we will be able to visit. But Tifa trusts, for once: "Go where you want to go, Lana. You guide us, for your saber." And finally, we land in a large room.

Like a dome formed in the rock, a vault opens to our eyes. But if only that was it ... Crystalline emergences line the walls, stalagmites and even spring from the ground in places. To top it off, a faint light reaches us, passing through the few translucent spots that adorn the ceiling. "Wow ...
- I'm losing my words, adds Tifa.
- I was going to say it…
- Tss, 'not possible Phobias. You speak too little already! Lana retorts.
- Well, bah, I do not know me, I hesitate. This place is beautiful, does it suit you?
- Immediately, the other ... she answers.
- I would almost want to touch it, he concedes.
- As long as I find something to do, I don't see why I should forbid you! Lana confesses to me. I take it that is also your intention, master?
- Lord Tifa?
- Uh, sorry. An absence, she tells us.
- You really lost the words of the mouth! Lana completes.
- No, nothing to see, but hey ... So? Do you think you will find your happiness? change the subject Tifa.
- There are so many that I would feel uncomfortable being the only one looting this place, Lana told him.
- I will not be shy, then! I add.
- Priority to Lana. But afterwards, free time. Good hunting! "We disperse, looking for possible crystals. As any self-respecting Sith knows, there are no naturally red crystals. Red crystals are the result of modification on an existing crystal. In short, a Sith has to shape it himself. The cave seems full of translucent deposits, more or less pure, and a few colored. Blue for the most part, and green for the rest, at first glance. "Is there a connection between the color and the rarity of crystals, Master Tifa?
- Yes, more or less. What you need to know is that there is no such thing as a blue crystal, or a green crystal. Each crystal makes its own light. If you could compare them with a particularly keen eye - the kind beyond the reach of humans - you would see differences in any sword. But to make general, by classifying in the big colors, it is necessary to admit that the blue is most present. It is said that the first green crystal was seen as a blessing, and was given to the wisest of the Jedi - well, that's what we learn at the academy. I haven't looked at any records that can certify these legends - to guide them. Subsequently, yellow crystals, already very rare, entered the crystal market, most of which were not used for lightsabers.
- What about purple crystals?
- Quila… it's mega-rare, basically! Tifa confesses to me. To be exact, there would be two purple crystals, the modified and the original. The first come from the manufacture of crystals, from blue crystals. The latter are found in their natural state - like the one I have here - but are of an unprecedented rarity.
- Do you have a purple crystal ?!
- No… it's just that the one I just found is natural. Without color, it can however intensify the blade.
- And silver?
- Metallic, silver, gold or bronze colors are special cases of yellow, orange and white crystals. Or cyan, rather.
- Drifts ?
- In a way. As natural crystals never emit the same light, certain deviations are more marked, as is the case with cyan crystals, which are particularly powerful, and bronze, golden and silver crystals.
- And white ?
- Those of KirĂ ly are the first that I see. It must be a derivative silver crystal, again.
- What would make it a deviation from cyan, and blue originally?
- Basically. Likewise, we are talking about certain viridial crystals, which are a derivation of green.
- Have you ever seen black crystals?
- Well… by definition, a light cannot be black, so I would say no. But, there has to be a way to get a blade that looks the most like it. Why, have you seen any?
- Just a story, of a dangerous crystal if only by sight, such its power would be great. The same effect as too intense light, but in the opposite direction.
- I see that we are inventing beautiful legends, among the Orrodia ...
- Difficult to verify when you're four years old. "As our research progresses only slowly - that is to say three potentially interesting crystals in Tifa's hands, and none for me - Lana cries out. joy towards the other end of the cave. We join her and discover her booty: "They are not beautiful?
- Well… uh… personally, there's not a single one that interested me, so…
- No, they are not, cripple Tifa. If you want a thunder saber, you have to find powerful crystals, real ones!
- Rôôôôh… look at this one! He looks cool, at least, doesn't he?
- Mmmh… I like its shape. Very dark blue. Its reflection is intriguing. I agree with you, I confess.
- Tell yourself that you have to find similar ones, my little one, Tifa warned him.
- It's going to be a hassle ...
- It's not given to everyone to have a brilliant sword ... "With these words from Tifa, we turn the latter and I, discussing towards the back of the cave.

As my fingers touch something interestingly shaped, I ask my master: “You had a dream, didn't you?
- Full, like everyone else.
- I mean, during the unconsciousness following our defeat against KirĂ ly.
- Uh… why?
- That dream seemed more true than the others, didn't it?
- If you want me to believe in a premonitory dream, know that even you, it was after several days.
- No, not the first loss. The second. Did you see something you thought you'd never see?
- Good question. Yes. I had never seen something like this, but ...
- Have you spoken to Luraë?
- Who is that ?
- I conclude that no… what exactly did you see?
- Some kind of situation, rather annoying. I remember KirĂ ly was on our side, and we were up against the Jedi. New, to be exact.
- The others from the Hands of Strength?
- No, others. But just being next to Kiràly is…
- Awesome !
- Enraged at the highest point!
- Pardon.
- No big deal. At the same time, if he joins the cause of the Empire, the Republic is in trouble.
- Do you think Lana saw something?
- Another dream, too? Why not… I guess you do too, then?
- Let's say he was so special… that's why I have to separate myself from you temporarily, actually. I've got things to check out - and some bullshit to fix - if you know what I'm implying. Oh! "I take my hand out of the debris, and bring to the light a translucent stone of great purity, whose shapes inexplicably recall harmony." Powerful, there is no need to say. The kind of crystal Lana needs, Tifa comments.
- Uh… I thought I would take it for myself.
- 'must see with the interested party. "

After a long journey where Tifa has collected a total of fifteen crystals - including a minimum of ten that will be resold - while I only have two, Lana comes with the hallucinatory number of forty-three gems. "Bah? Where is the problem?" she retorts. I don't see any, but hey. I keep both mine in my bag, as well as Tifa, who intends to sell some for the weaker ones, and after examining her new sword. We then attend the news that Lana announces to us: "I want to merge them.
- What?
- You're not cold in the eyes, my great, comments Tifa.
- Well, if we take all these crystals, they each have something good, and the rest is average. If I can get the best out of each other, by uniting them, well… it'll be a blast! she assures us.
- If you say so. I want to help you, but I can't guarantee anything! I protest.
- Do you have any idea how you're going to go about it? Tifa is interested.
- Do you have lightsabers? We're going to melt them with this heat. I would use the Force to shape it, and once it's all focused, I'll release a Made By Lana crystal! Isn't that class?
- Well… in the kitchen! "Our master orders. So we leave the cave, to join the Fury.

While Lana asks her master any questions, Tifa tries to provide the few answers, and paradoxically, to follow the instructions of her apprentice - after all, a sword is something personal - so that I spend my time taking orders from the girls. I collect some cortose rab, at Lana's request, and using my white saber, I model it in order to make a container resistant to the heat of the other sabers. Using the Force, Lana and I shape it into shape, and the receptacle is ready. Afterwards, Lana surrounds herself with a star ring of rock, made up of the crystals she has collected. Tifa then lights her sword, and plants it in the pot, heating it immediately, without melting it. Likewise, I couple this act with my red saber, to intensify the fusion. Our warrior therefore plunges one of her crystals inside the red beams. The stone lights up, and, in the midst of the sparks, liquefies. Lana Force sends a second pebble into it, and the liquid it forms unites with the first.

Taking two gems in her fingers, she then brings them together, under the heat of Tifa's sword, to then manipulate them, and create a ribbon of lava between the two rocks. With that lava ribbon, and grab about five crystals that were going through there around her, and she folds them back together. Thanks to the Force, she connects the various and varied shapes with the mixture, adding from time to time a crystal to revive the color.

Keeping this mass above the cortose bowl, she attacks the liquid mixture that lies there, mixing other collected stones. Without ever touching them, she stirs the lumps to try to obtain a homogeneous dough. Like the glow reflecting in her eyes, Lana illuminates her lens as she conceives. With a conical rise, it makes the crystalline liquid meet with the chaotic cluster of gems that levitate above. Tifa and I straighten our lightsabers to increase the heat of the mixture now in height.

Lana finally throws all her finds there, creating an indescribable aggregate of stones and molten liquid. Bubbles explode on the surface of the sphere, like a boiling sun, but nothing seems to distract Lana. Passion illuminating her eyes, she guides the chemical reaction like a goddess guides her people. She seizes her mixture by Force, and begins to torture it, turn it over, compress it, pass it through the cortose mold, smooth it… in short, a whole bunch of steps with very attractive visual effects. We try to keep our swords in the same position, and Lana takes her mixture where she wants it, to create what her mind is made of: a very personal crystal.

She finally begins to get rid of unnecessary fragments: like waves of flames, Lana hollows out her sphere with a surge of Force on the surface of her project. Then she lets the rejects fall into the cortose mold, before resuming the tugging on the main structure. She asks me to light my new lightsaber, and stick it into the ball of molten stone. I do so, and begin to flood its construction with heat. Debris falls into the bowl, and Lana increases the speed of her manipulations on the crystals. The movements become more and more intense, his gaze more and more determined, and his sphere more and more concentrated. With great waves of Force, Lana cuts the cluster and selects the best, the heart, to end with a luminous fragment the size of a closed fist. We remove our blades of light on behalf of Darth Lana, to let her sharpen her product on her own. Putting her hands together, she extracts a small stone from which an intense warm glow emerges. Forgetting the rest, she focuses on her treasure: a crystal made to measure to fit into her saber. Tifa then interrupts him: "It's time to make this crystal, yours!
- What?
- Insert your soul! Make her feel who you are! And he'll always protect you afterwards, Tifa explains.
- I'm going to try! "She then acts like a remainder: she grasps her product with her bare hands! But while I would have thought to see her burn herself, she immunizes herself from the heat by a Force membrane, and kneads her gem. in her hands. Then, Lana turns to her lightsaber, and assembles it in front of us, completing with her brand new crystal, which has taken time to cool in the meantime. Then comes the moment of truth: she turns on her weapon. , which illuminates the Fury with its blood-red border, and launches it at my white saber. The result is clear: it does not flinch. Conclusion: Lana is extremely delighted, and thanks us from the bottom of… uh, that maybe don't, so I'm going to shut up ...

As we begin to tidy up the little mess that is piling up in Fury, Lana receives a communication on her holotransmitter. Or almost: "But… if it's not my holotransmitter, what could have made that noise ?!
- I don't know, but he doesn't make that noise, Tifa defends herself.
- Anyway, no one calls me. So it can't be me, I protest.
- Hey, wait! It's not my communicator… it's the collar !!! Lana suddenly realizes when she takes it out of her pocket.
- I thought I told you to destroy it! Tifa reproaches him.
- 'Don't want to!
- That's not the question! I interrupt them. What is this thing for?
- Bah… normally, there are two heads on it, and coordinates. There, I have another beep, which ...
- Told you to fuck off! the Tifa cup. Break that down!
- No… to come, she corrects. Not far, moreover. To the old Jedi academy.
- Mmmh… when?
- The only answer I have is beep, so ...
- It means now "specifies Tifa, in a Machiavellian smile.

While Lana contemplates her new saber, I insert in my two sleeves the crystals which seem interesting to me, to boost those who are already there. Tifa, she examines those of her new saber, and notices that only two picked up can really act as support for the original crystals. She will therefore sell the other thirteen, which are of little value, to experienced Sith like us. Finally ready, the followers of the entire Force that we are finally the heavy artillery of combat. And besides, Lana has something to do ...


End of chapter 4

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