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The citizens of Skyrim are tall and handsome, aggressive and fearless, hardworking and enterprising in the fields of trade and exploration. Renowned sailors, the Nordics are plentiful in the trading ports and settlements along the coasts and rivers of Tamriel.

The Nordics are also known for their cold resistance. Violence is part of their daily life; they are also all broken at most weapons and combat techniques, take part with pleasure in wars, and wage their battles with a ferocity that traumatizes their adversaries.

The Nordics are the descendants ofAbroad and its 500 warriors, who disembarked fromAtmora and settled in Skyrim, pushing back the elves who had previously attacked them in their first capital of Saarthal.

Skyrim is therefore the oldest human settlement in Tamriel, making the Nordics the oldest human race on this continent. Indeed, if a Breton or an Imperial could go back many centuries in his family tree, he would realize that his ancestors are most certainly Nordics.

During the attack and invasion of Akaviri Dragons Guards of the First Era, the Nordics allied themselves with the human emperor Reman Cyrodiil to repel them, and this alliance with the human empire lasted even until the Akaviri potentates. But from the Interregnum, Skyrim is on its own and with the second Akaviri invasion, the Dunmers, Argonians and Nordics have finally allied to form the Ebonheart Pact with the primary goal of repelling the Akavir invader. Later, this same alliance now seeks to take over the Cyrodiil Throne from the hands of Mannimarco and his minions.



The land of the Nordics, Bordeciel, is a rich and powerful province despite its cold and rather inhospitable climate. Very large mountains are found in this region.

The seat of power is Vendheaume where sits the king Jorunn.


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