ESO - Notes version 1.5.3

Following the maintenance of November 11, the update 1.5.3 was published, mainly focused on fixing bugs that occurred following the deployment of Major Update 5 and in particular, the problem of gaining experience for Veteran characters.



Alliance War

  • General
    • Grand Soulstones can now be purchased from Siege Engine Vendors for Alliance Points.

Combat and Gameplay

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where switching weapons would lose stealth.
    • Fixed an issue where you could end up raising your fists instead of holding your weapon after equipping certain weapon types.
  • Templar
    • Illuminated recovery
      • Repentance (Restoration Aura morph): Fixed an issue where, if you were affected by this skill, black textures would still appear on the face and body.
  • Arms
    • Recovery stick
      • Healing Protection (Steadfast Defense morph): Fixed an issue where this skill was receiving shield healing every time it was re-rolled. The healing is now only applied when the shield expires.
  • Two hands
    • Momentum: Fixed an issue where the healing of this skill could be blocked or avoided.
  • Monsters
    • In preparation for the Champions system, we've adjusted the level of XP granted when killing low-level monsters:
      • You will receive full XP for monsters 1-3 rank (s) below you.
      • You will receive 75% XP for monsters with 4 ranks below you.
      • You will receive 30% XP for monsters with 5 or more ranks below you.
      • Note: This does not affect levels 1-50.
      • Note: This will adjust the experience received with Update 5.

Crafts and Economy

  • General
    • Fixed an issue that prevented talking to one of the Crafting Trainers after talking to another Trainer.
  • My Orders
    • Fixed an issue where Nirn's Temper Feature Stones would drop much more frequently in Raidelorn Ore Inspection Reports and too rarely in Raidelorn Cloth Inspection Reports.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented items from being traded correctly during some Crafting Order quests.
    • Fixed an issue where high level Sewing Order rewards were not granting the correct level of repair kits. Tailor's Saddlebags VII - IX now grant Grandiose Repair Kits.
    • Increased the gold rewards granted for crafting orders.
    • Crafting orders will no longer require you to deliver in other dimensions unless you have the ability to access them in a reasonable way (like Ice Haven).
    • There will now be only one Hazzeine in Belkarth.

Exploration and Objects

  • General
    • Collectibles found in urns, crates, bags, or cupboards in dens will now respawn more quickly when moving from one den to another.
      • It is still possible to exhaust the amount of lootable items, but the respawn interval and recovery rate have been increased

Dungeons and Groups

  • General
    • Increased the Indomitable reputation reward after completing the Indomitable Oaths at Silver and Gold levels.
  • Veteran Dungeons
    • Veteran Dark Shadow Caverns
      • This dungeon now grants the quickness achievement if you kill all bosses and mini bosses in the dungeon within 20 minutes.
  • hardship
    • holy Ophidia
      • Restored the health of the Serpent Image of Sanctum Ophidia to its normal level.
  • Raidelorn
    • Monsters that had become much too weak after the release of Update 5 have now returned to their usual power level.
  • Dragonstar Arena
    • Monsters that had become much too weak after the release of Update 5 have now returned to their usual power level.

Quests and Zones

  • Scree
    • Perilous Pools: You will no longer find yourself stuck in dialogue with Dedras.
  • Storm Haven
    • Haltevoie: Grigitte Dailon is no longer naked and bald.
  • March of the Camarde
    • Bad Pass: Shazah will no longer stop cleaning up corruption if an enemy gets stuck.
    • Towards Dune: You will no longer be stuck when completing this quest if it was shared with you by another player and you also completed the Fires of Dune quest.

User interface

  • General
    • Combining items in piles in your inventory no longer prevented your quests from updating correctly, including certifications and orders.
    • The UI window experience bar tooltip will now correctly display XP and more VP.
    • Fixed an issue where Guild Merchants would incorrectly display your last Guild Shop search instead of their normal Guild Shop.
    • Reinstatement of controls during conversations. You can now press E to select the first option and X to say goodbye.

Graphics and Animation

  • Animation
    • Fixed an issue where the emote / leanbackcoin animation would not display correctly.


  • General
    • Paid on delivery messages and attachments will now expire even if the recipient does not sign in.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when in a group with other players.
    • Fixed an issue with particle effects causing crashes during combat.

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