ESO - Notes version 1.5.8

The maintenance on January 13 allowed the implementation of update 1.5.8 which mainly brought fixes and some performance improvements for Cyrodiil.



Alliance War

  • General
    • In order to reduce the computational load on the server, which has to take into account the multitude of monsters in Cyrodiil, we have sent the deer to frolic in green pastures, far from the din of war. The flamingos joined them there ... even if they frolic less on their little paws.
    • Adjusted the population display scale (low, medium and high) in the campaign display window. It will now work correctly in conjunction with the population changes we made in Cyrodiil.


Combat and Gameplay

  • Templar
    • Illuminated recovery
      • Repent (Aura of Restoration morph): Fixed a residual issue where the effects of this skill would not disappear after resurrection.
  • Arms
    • Staff of destruction
      • Heavy attacks now restore magic when your target enemy blocks.
    • Two hands
      • Brawl (Cleaver morph): Fixed an issue where the damage shield of this skill was not reset to its correct value when you cast it twice in a row without the shield breaking.
    • Two weapons
      • Fixed an issue where your weapon could appear to disappear from your hands if you changed your weapons from your inventory.


  • Alliance War
    • Assault
      • Spikes: The visual effects of multiple ranks of this skill do not stack exponentially, which improves performance and effects displayed in large battles.


Dungeons and Groups

  • dungeons
    • Crucible of the Elders
      • Fixed an issue where Shadow Swamp Skeletons summoned by High Canon Oraneth would not confront you.
    • Madness Chambers
      • Fixed an issue where you would not receive credit for killing Ulguna Clive-Souls for the Oath or the Wind of Madness quest.
      • Wind of Madness: Gasteau will be able to complete this quest again after defeating the Architect.
  • Veteran Dungeons
    • Crucible of the Elders as a Veteran
      • Fixed an issue where you could not kill the leader and his minions after receiving the resurrection of a Soul Stone.


Quests and Zones

  • Desert d'Alik'r
    • March of the Ra Gada: You no longer need to interact with the shrines to summon the bosses for this quest. You just have to be near their spawn point.
  • Scree
    • Calm a Heart: You will no longer be prevented from completing this quest if you are the last in your party to search for the correct urn.
  • Estemarche
    • Frost Cave: You can no longer acquire loot from certain corpses in this cave.
  • Fangeombre
    • Trials of the Holy Scales: Fixed an issue where it was sometimes not possible to interact with Warriors you face in a duel after drinking Root Poison.


User interface

  • Mail
    • You will now have a confirmation window when you send a message with an attached subject or gold.



  • General
    • Fixed an issue where you could crash into the Breach.

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