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Tuesday, at 3am (Paris time) the European megaserver will be closed to perform maintenance and publish a small update correcting some problems related to the major update 1.6.5. The NA server is currently closed for the implementation of the latter. However, the latter will not yet correct the illumination-related issues that some players are experiencing.



Combat and Gameplay

  • Dragon knight
    • Burning flame:
      • Moving Standard: Fixed an issue where the Major Defile penalty applied by this skill was stacking each time you activated the move skill.
  • Black blade
    • Ombre
      • Reassuring Darkness: Fixed an issue where the damage taken by the caster was only reduced by 30% instead of the intended 60%.
    • siphon
      • Essence Drain: Fixed an issue that prevented this skill from healing when it affected more than 6 targets.
  • Templar
    • Wrath of Dawn
      • Radiant Destruction: Fixed an issue that caused the potency of this skill to increase too much when the target was below 50% health.
  • Armor
    • Medium armor
      • Agility: Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented this passive skill from working.
  • World
    • Werewolf
      • Fixed an issue that prevented movement after activating the werewolf form.
  • Monsters
    • Arachnophobic, rejoice! The damage inflicted by giant spiders has been halved.


Judicial system

  • General
    • Fixed an issue causing the Bounty Meter to appear in the lower right corner of your screen when your head was not being banned.
  • Outlaw shelters
    • Resurrecting in an Outlaw Haven now properly places you in areas of the Haven.


Crafts and economy

  • Alchemy
    • Medicinal use will no longer disappear on players who die.


Dungeons and Groups

  • Veteran Dungeons
    • City of Ashes Veteran
      • The encounter with Horvantud Burning Maw will now reset if he gets too close to the door.
      • Reinforcements associated with the encounter with Horvantud will now attack you systematically.
    • Dark Shadow Caverns
      • 20% decrease in the health of each alit associated with the encounter with the mini-boss.
      • The boss encounter health bar appears correctly in the UI.
      • Adjusted the experience received after encountering the mini-boss.


User interface

  • General
    • Fixed an issue that displayed white bars and invalidated graphics in the Alchemy UI.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause UI error when being bounted soon after logging in.



  • General
    • Fixed an issue that decreased the refresh rate relative to character loading.

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