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The final stretch towards the final release of The Elder Scrolls Online is finally launched with the opening of pre-orders on the official site (perhaps a little pushed by the pellet on the Amazon side).


Edition standard

€ 54,99 (for digital or box version)

  • 5 days of early access (3 days for the Box edition)
  • 30 days of playing time included


Imperial Edition

€ 79,99 (digital version), € 99,99 (box version)

  • 5 days early access
  • 30 days of playing time included
  • Playable Imperial Race
  • White imperial horse mount
  • Manufacture and conversion of imperial equipment
  • Rings of Mara (experience bonus with a friend)
  • Families Vasard


La box version further includes:

  • a 12 '' (30 cm) statue of Molag Bal
  • Tamriel map
  • the Emperor's Guide, 224 pages annotated by an imperial scholar, Flaccus Terentius


Pre-order bonus

Pre-ordering the game also allows you to benefit from certain bonuses:

  • Whichever Alliance you choose, you can play as one of the 9 races available
  • The Pet Walker will follow you everywhere on your adventures
  • A bundle of treasure maps will lead you down the trail of chests full of loot

It should be noted : it will be possible, from April 4, 2014, to upgrade your Standard version (box or digital) to a digital Imperial version via the Bethesda online store. The amount is not yet known, however.


 Are you too, like many people at Gamesmanagers, going to fall for it?

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