ESO - Patch-notes 1.07

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Alliance War


  • The lantern effect of Scrolls of the Ancients no longer disappears when the wearer uses their vampiric skill Mistform.
  • You can no longer use Lightning Quickness while carrying Scroll of the Ancients.

Combat and Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue with the Bat Cloud skill so that it would no longer stack. A new use resets the duration.
  • Reduction Lowered the cost reduction per vampiric skill slice.
  • Reduced the movement speed bonus of Mistform.


  • Fixed an issue where the speed bonus was permanently granting.

Dungeons and Groups

Veteran Dungeons

  • Dark Shadow Caves: Fixed an issue where bosses were granting more loot than intended.

Inventory and bank

Guild store

  • Reduced the cost of listing an item in the Guild Store.
  • Reduced the tax levied on the sale of an item in the Guild Store.


  • Significant reduction in the cost of sending cash on delivery.
  • Fixed the proportional COD sending rate, which was not working as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that still caused you to pay the proportional rate for the COD shipment, even if the recipient's name was not valid.



  • Fixed an issue with a memory leak causing performance issues in Cyrodiil.



  • Removed translation tracking traces for items in Guild Stores.

Desert d'Alik'r

  • Future uncertain: we can systematically interact with Slicer.


  • Cut the Bridges: You can now use all three portals and fight High Matriarch Estre.
  • Queen's Rituals: Queen Ayrenn will now arrive at her destination, allowing you to progress the quest.
  • A thorny situation: Captain Astanya will no longer be stuck, blocking your quest.


  • The Final Assault: You can now light the last brazier.
  • Reason of the Heart: Stibbons will now pass through the door at the back of the cave, which advances the quest.


  • Mine the Kwamas: You can now complete the quest phase for "Clear the Harvest Hall" when all the monsters in the room are dead.
  • In search of visions: the imp always appears to open the portal.


  • The prismatic core: portals will appear systematically.


  • Rallying Cry: You can interact with Shaza and advance the quest.
  • Seeking Guardians: Fixed an issue that was playing the voiceover in the wrong language.

Graht wood

  • Fort Sèvenorie Sèvenoire: you will find Maeroth in the designated place.
  • Scars Are For Life: You can now face the Hunters in a duel to advance the quest.


  • Report to Marbruk: You will no longer have a hard time completing "Full Heart Strike" before "Report to Marbruk".
  • Lunehenge Rift: Key to Conflict and Key to Discord now appear when the corresponding enemy is defeated, and you can free all prisoners.
  • Reclaiming the Pass: You can now interact with Indaenir.
  • Witch of Silitar: Fixed an issue where reconnecting or crashing during Aranias demo could block your progress.
  • Dark Mist: Now you'll find Mel Adrys right where you want him to be.

Mages Guild

  • Circus of Merry Slaughter: You will now be able to interact with Valaste and find Sheogorath.

Malabal Tor

  • Fulfill His Destiny: Guardian Celonron's spirit will now appear when asked to kill him.

March of the Camarde

  • Moonlit Dust: Black Mane will no longer reset in the middle of combat, preventing quest progress.
  • On the Threshold: You can now interact with Gnolas and the crystal.
  • The first step: you will no longer get stuck in the “Attend the ceremony” phase.


  • Story of a traitor: the king and the general will no longer disappear without warning.


  • Clarity: Shackle Crystals will now spawn when expected.

Storm Haven

  • Godrun's Dream: Fixed an issue that caused monsters to spawn at a different difficulty level than expected for Silver and Gold players.

User interface


  • Fixed an issue that interrupted the officers chat channel. Typing / officer1 will now send a message to all officers in your first guild as expected.

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