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    ESO - Patch Notes 1.1.5

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    With a little delay, here are the details of the update that rolled out on June 16. In particular, there are many quest fixes.

    • Alliance War
    • Combat and Gameplay
    • Dungeons and groups
    • quests
    • Diverse

    Alliance War


    • Siege Combat: This quest now updates after using siege engines on training dummies.
    • If you carry a Scroll of the Ancients and use the / stuck command, the Scroll will fall to the ground.

    Combat and Gameplay


    • Daedric Summon
      • Summon Charged Atronach I: Fixed the tooltip for this skill: The damage bonus and the name of the Synergy match the reality.

    Dungeons and groups


    • Dungeon forbidden
      • The Plan: The quest phase “Talk to Guardian Cirion” can now be shared with your party members.
    • Volenfell
      • Blood and Sand: Fixed an issue where Tharayya would run towards a group of enemies if you entered this dungeon after having already started the quest.


    Main quest

    • Worm Castle: The difficulty of the fight against the four skeletons has been slightly reduced

    Mages Guild

    • Forgotten Knowledge: Valastë can now always be found in the Mages Guild building for the "Talk to Valastë" quest phase.

    Warriors Guild

    • The Prismatic Core: Queen Palolel now resets if she gets stuck.
    • Final Showdown: Fixed an issue where Merric would stay in an area, not attacking any enemies.


    • Vulkhel's Watch: Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck in the mansion door.
    • The Queen's Rituals: It is now possible to use the door to follow the Queen outside during the quest phase "Talk to Queen Ayrenn"

    Bal Foyen

    • Threat on Zeren: It is now possible to interact with the portal to make the general reappear if he is absent.

    Graht wood

    • Fort Sèvenoire: Fixed an issue where it was impossible to interact with the portal associated with this quest.

    Desert d'Alik'r

    • Thwart the Aldmeri Domain: Fixed an issue that could sometimes interfere with the activation of pillars associated with this quest.


    • Afflicted haunters in Obsidian Gorge no longer respawn immediately after death.


    • The Goblin's Affection: Fixed an issue where it was impossible to interact with Dithis Romori after killing Chief Grimmstal.
    • Difficult Tomorrow: If General Radrathren gets stuck in the background, using the brazier associated with this quest will cause him to reappear.
    • What was done must be undone: The cage associated with this quest will now reset as intended when you interact with it.


    • Skin on Bones: Fixed an issue preventing interaction with the Blood Fountain during this quest.


    • The Weight of the Three Crowns: Fixed an issue where Alliance Leaders were not spawning, blocking quest progress.



    • Known Issue: A loading screen may appear in-game even though you haven't changed zones. This is a precautionary measure to prevent you from getting stuck in things or falling out of the world. This happens when the client cannot load the scenery items fast enough.
    • Pets and companions no longer disappear when leaving the Warrior Guild.


    • Afflicted haunters in Obsidian Gorge no longer respawn immediately after death.

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