ESO - Patch Notes 1.2.4

Yesterday, a new update 1.2.4 came to strengthen the servers. Here is in detail what it brings. The main features of this update are the correction of gameplay and quest issues, the update of the XP bar, the sudden loss of frames per second (FPS) as well as the weapon exchanges that were interrupting stealth.


Bug fixes and improvements

Alliance War

  • You will no longer be blocked when you want to teleport to your alliance's starting area by entering the North Morrowind Gate or the High Rock Gate.
  • Now, if your character goes through the doors of a scroll before your alliance owns the fortress, you will be immediately killed.

Combat and Gameplay

  • Your stealth will no longer be interrupted when changing two weapon sets.
  • You will no longer be able to die when an enemy pushes you back while you are in the air.
  • Removed a misplaced Crowd Control release from Ravager.

Warriors Guild

  • If you are in form werewolf, the Silver Diamonds skill will have a trigger rate of 100%. However, in human form you will no longer be able to have a 100% chance to proc after purchasing Seasoned Tracker.

Recovery stick

  • When using the spell Generalized care, a drop in game performance was emerging. This problem has been corrected.
  • When using the spell Regeneration, a drop in game performance was emerging. This problem has been corrected.


  • Now you will be able to use the skill Quick maneuver when you are on horseback.


Dungeons and Groups

  • In the dungeon of Volenfell, you will be able to finish the quest "Blood and sand" because the levers are finally usable.
  • The Rest of the Nobles quest will no longer influence other quests in your journal.

In the dungeon Veteran Crypt of Hearts, here are the fixed issues:

  • Alanwë now activates the last part as planned.
  • You will now animate and react as intended during Mezeluth's Black Betrayal attack.
  • Mezeluth is now dressed as expected.
  • Fighting Ibelgast and his minions now grants HP.



  • During the main quest Lord of shenanigans Molag Bal's dialogue will continue regardless of the distance from your character and even if you move away from the Colored Chambers.
  • During the quest Trample Sinmur, the latter will reappear if it gets stuck.
  • During the quest The legacy of Piton de Bael, Daedric Protection Stone can be used even if Tachnim gets stuck.
  • The Hollow Watcher is now present and available for dialogue during the quest cold as stone.
  • During the quest The perils of diplomacy, Ulondil will now respawn if it gets stuck. The indicator for the quest step "Continue Investigating Harrani in Mistral" has also been updated to reflect the correct location.


All the details of this update are available on the official website.

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