ESO - Patch Notes 1.2.5

ESO - Patch Notes 1.2.5

The game was recently updated to version 1.2.5. This version, in addition to fixing bugs for quests, interface and gameplay, sees the arrival of changes to the Veteran system to make it more accessible in solo. They also implemented performance improvements.



Veteran Rank Changes

This patch begins the first phase of our series of changes designed to improve the overall experience once you've crossed level 50. We have lowered the difficulty of the second and third alliance zones so that they are more in phase with the zones. from level 1 to 50. You will be able to continue the solo adventure more easily than before, although they will still offer a tall order. More changes are planned, so feel free to visit our site for more information.



Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where you could no longer repair another wall or door if you were already repairing a wall or door and it had recovered all of its health points.
  • Blazing Oil can no longer be used to deal damage to other characters through walls.
  • The new Alliance War Bounty quests have been reworked so that quest progress and monsters slain are credited to all party members.
  • Implemented a fix to slightly reduce server slowdowns in Cyrodiil.


  • Fixed an issue where, if melee and spell sounds were heard simultaneously, the melee sounds would be slightly offset.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Illuminated recovery
  • Tribute to the Fallen will now correctly restore Magicka if your target is over 50% healed.


  • Warriors Guild
    • Silver Diamonds: Fixed an issue where this skill would trigger 100% of the time against werewolves while in their bestial form.

Crafts & Economy

  • You will now receive inspiration when mining Veteran Rank 11 and 12 glyphs.

Dungeons and group content

  • Madness Chambers
    • Wind of Madness: Fixed an issue where Gasteau would no longer speak to you to advance the quest.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Darkshadow Caverns on Veteran
    • Fixed an issue with the Dwemer Challenge that allowed you to kill and loot monsters indefinitely without completing the challenge.


  • Fixed an issue where visual effects and skills reduced your game's performance.
  • Fixed an issue where personal targeting skill effects would remain active indefinitely.


  • Towards Prime-Tenure: You will no longer be prevented from completing this quest if you complete and deliver the quests "Barriers Falling" and "Cut Bridges".
  • The Silent Village: Fixed an issue where the bears associated with this quest would no longer follow you after being enchanted.
  • Eye of the Ancients: You can no longer pick up the Welkynd Stone from Captain Maormer.


  • The Mage of Joined Souls: Fixed an issue where you could no longer interact with debris to advance the quest.

Main quest

  • Worm Castle: Cadwell and the Slaves will now respawn if they get stuck.
  • Lord of Shenanigans: Fixed an issue where your soul was not spawning in Colored Chambers. We also fixed an issue that caused Molag Bal's Health to remain at 0%.


  • Throw away the key: Jurni will now spawn so you can complete the "Bring Medical Supplies to the Tower" quest step.


  • Break the mirror: the altar is no longer blocked by an invisible object.
  • Protect the Room: You will no longer be stuck in the quest step "Defend the Room" if you kill the monsters too quickly.

Storm Haven

  • Relics of Azura: The Weaver of Vaermina will no longer disappear unexpectedly.INTERFACEGeneral
    • Fixed an issue where the EXP bar would not update after completing a quest.
      • Note: If you were affected by this issue, you would still receive XP. It was just a visual interface issue.
    • Fixed an issue where functions could not be bound to buttons 4 and 5 on Razer Naga and Logitech Wireless mice.


    • Party members who tried to enter a different copy of the same dungeon as their party members were kicked out of the dungeon with no explanation message. There is now a message to explain the reason.

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